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Top Hindi Serials

In this article I am going to provide some of the most trending TV shows right now (June). Please be aware that the list is not official and it is highly curated by the author of this article.


I just love Jennifer winget acting skills. I am a crazy fan of hers since saraswatichandra. She gave a tremendous performance as Maya Malhotra in’ Beyhadh’. Talking about this show again Jennifer is just nailing it, to watch jennifer winget being paired with Harshad chopra is just treat to watch. Story-line of the serial is extremely interesting, one cannot wait to watch the next episode. Cinematography of this serial is also too good, all in all I can say it is a fantastic show. You can never feel bored watching it. This serial for sure should be at the top of the chart.


I love Naagin 1 but hate Naagin 2 because of the same story. Adding madhumakkhi and Icchadhari bhains doesn’t make any sense in Season 2, Also Many times Yamini got dead and came alive again. The jodi of Shivanya and Ritik is Awesome. But I don’t like much the Jodi of Shivangi and Rocky. Waiting for Season 3.


“ISHQBAAAZ” is one of my Best, evergreen serial. Actually, I used to watch only “Mythological” serials. First thing, my question was, How that it became one of my Best serial, equal to Mythological serials, that even now I am unable to understand? If you believe or not believe, first thing was, I don’t even know Hindi language to speak or I can’t even understand, but, How is this possible?Then I understood, actually, I don’t even like any serials [except Mythological] not only in Hindi, but, also in all other language

Ishq Subhanallah

I just want to say about this serial you have no authority to represent Islam You must be know what is islam and imaan and after that telecast the show this is story was against muslim community for distract muslim women and girls from Islam shame on your team.


I have been watching the show since its inception. Never missed an episode. But as the series continues, so does the main character Porus’ bovine attitude. I forgave when they threw a baby Porus down the Niagra falls and still made him survive. I forgave Anusuya’s legendary fall in the same Niagra fall, with a giant rock tied to her legs, and she still came back as a mad woman. And again I forgave how her memory came back all of a sudden seeing her husband’s face.

Yeh Un dinon ki baat hai

Really such a wonderful show after many days. No SaaS bahu drama, no heavy make up, no heavy dressing, no heavy sets. Everything is very simple as un dinon mai. Such a wonderful and cute love story and this show is progressing very very well. Each and every episode is so exciting that I can’t tell which is my favourite!!! Hats of to shashi sumeet for such a wonderful show and casting is awesome and very apt to the show

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The show was amazing until the children in this show were not grown up, In beginning the show was amazing unique twist, the hidden love and love of mother and daughter, ishita was so cute, kind hearted and best. But now she is going on negative track and not only see whole series is gone on negative track. I have not seen this show from beginning but I would left jumping in some episodes and that were assume but now when I saw episode of this show from london gosat it was terrible.

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai

I think this is the most relevant and appropriate show on air in star plus. The which we can relate from our day to day lives…. I loved the Kabir’s sequence as it was very beautifully and more than that POWERFULLY showed the way Naira dragged him… Theres a lot to learn from this tv series and i am expecting a lot from this new upcoming story of that 2 year leap

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

I was really keen to watch this show as I thought that it would motivate young viewers to want to sing . The child actress, Aakriti  is very talented and just adorable. However the serial focuses on manipulating the 2 children and emotional black mail. To me this is abusive behaviour by Lovely. Emotional abuse should never be shown to bring joy to an adult. This show will put children off wanting to sing. I feel sorry for Aakriti Sharma for being put through such emotionally draining hard work week after week. I cannot watch this programme anymore as I Feel that such emotional demands on a child actor is unacceptable!!!!


The show is good …and all the characters playing their role perfectly…but its really irritating how long one can stretch a secret.. Rishi has promised to netra that he will not reveal the truth abt their relationship to tanuja…but what abt biji ,ahana and manpreet… They want tanuja back in their family but nobody tells her that rishi n netra are not married n tanya is not their daughter.. this small silly mistakes make the show sometimes very ‘jhelau’…apart from this acting  of abhishek tanu and rishi n manpreet is super cool.

Aap ke Aaja ne se

It started on a very good line, but drastically deteriorating day by day. Vedika is introduced as a strong women… Taking care of her family with divinity. But we see in every episode..the situations turn to be more stronger than her and forcing to do her to the extent of going against her dignity and self respect. Not liking it.

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