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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th June 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Judges getting ready with the scores. Vicky asks all participants to come on stage. He says this paper will tell us who is the winner. Sameer, Naina and their group come on stage. Karthik and his group come on the stage. Vicky asks Principal to come on stage and speak few words.

Principal says I want to congratulates you all for the best arrangements, and says our college VJN is known for the extra curricular activities also. She ends her speech and gets the winners’ list. She says Our VJN Mr. Fresher 1992 is… Mr. Sameer Maheshwari. Naina and Sameer get happy. Karthik looks at Vicky and gets angry. Sunaina says it is the result of theft. Principal announces VJN Ms. Fresher 1992 is Sunaina…Sunaina gets happy. Naina is about to step ahead, but moves back and gets shocked. Principal says Sameer and Sunaina are Mr and Ms. Fresher. Naina’s voiceover tells that she lost in that competition, and she felt that Sameer’s name will always be taken with Sunaina. Naina gets jealous as they are honored with the titles and trophy. Sameer’s voiceover tells that his smile was lost due to Naina, and the good thing is he has no pics with Sunaina as Mr and Ms. Fresher. Sameer tells Sunaina that something is wrong with her dress. Sunaina goes to side and removes her sash. Sameer signs Preeti to steal it. Preeti steals it. Sameer goes silently. Principal asks sunaina to take pic without it, but Sameer is not there. JBR jokes. Swati takes Naina to room and make her wear sash. Naina says it is of Sunaina. Sameer comes there with Munna. He smiles looking at her. hamari chahaton ka plays……Naina asks what you are doing here, as photography was going on. Sameer says you are here. Munna makes Sameer and Naina stay together. Prem Prem plays…..He gives trophy to Naina. Naina smiles. Song plays…Pandit click pics. They take pic together. Kamya takes their group pic.

Naina changes her dress and looks at Sameer and Sunaina’s name together. She wipes her Su from Sunaina’s name and makes it Naina. Swati and Preeti smiles. Sunaina tells JBR that how can her Sash go? Naina and others run away. Sunaina finds her Sash on the board and see Naina’s name. JBR jokes. Sunaina thinks how did this happen. Varun comes to meet Pooja. Naina and Preeti come home, and refuse to let Pooja go soon. Varun says it depends on your Didi. Bela asks Naina if she won? Naina refuses. Bela gets sad. Tai ji scolds Preeti and asks them to go. Anand asks if everything is fine? Taya ji asks what is the matter, if everything is fine. If Pooja did something wrong. Bela says you didn’t take chutney? Tai ji asks if she put her bad sight on her and asks Varun to answer. Varun says everything is fine and says I came as I missed Pooja. Tai ji asks him to have samosa.

She comes downstairs and scolds Preeti for buying vegetables without bargaining. Naina and Preeti looks at the couple who are riding on the bike. Naina imagines Sameer and herself on the bike. Prem Prem plays….Naina’s voiceover tells that she felt tickling in her heart. Tai ji sees the couple and thinks they have no shame. She warns Naina and Preeti and not to cross lakshman rekha. Naina and Preeti tell ok.

Kamya tells Naina that her Sameer is gone. Sameer and Naina are riding on the bike. Bicchu song plays…

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