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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st May 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naina’s voiceover telling that she couldn’t get admission in Sameer’s college even after hearing taunt and slaps, and says then comes 19th June 1992. Naina and Preeti come to Tai ji. Preeto says they have register.

Tai ji says she has given them note in which it is written what they are not supposed to do. She says she is not their enemy and that’s why she makes them understand everytime. She says world and its people are very bad. She asks them to read the rules and regulations. Preeti asks what are the things which we shall not do? Tai ji asks them not to bunk class and go here and there. Rakesh asks them not to have friendship with girls wearing short skirt. Anand asks them to concentrate on studies. Rakesh asks them not to give phone number to anyone. Bela asks them not to go to films, and if they want then take her along with them. Preeti asks what are the things to do? Anand asks them to study well. Tai ji asks them to come home directly from college. Bela says you have to take tiffin. Naina says who takes tiffin. Tai ji says you both. She tells them that the biscuit fell in the tea as it is weak like you both and says they don’t want them to fall in any trouble. Anand says Tai ji is talking about their betterment. Anand and Bela hugs them.

Naina’s voiceover tells that it was Arjun and Shefali’s turn now. Arjun comes to Shefali and asks if someone died. Shefali says this is my cousin’s wedding dress and says bride wears white dress in their wedding. Arjun smiles and asks if she will also wear white dress in their marriage. Shefali smiles and asks him to sit with his eyes closed. She comes there wearing wedding dress. My heart is beating song plays…..Arjun looks at her. Shefali gives her hand and asks him to hold it. Arjun holds her hand.

Just then Tai ji comes there with Pralay. Shefali asks who is there? Tai ji says she brought Pralay for studies. Arjun and Shefali get shocked. She asks Arjun to hide in the kitchen and opens the door. Tai ji asks if she is going to any fashion show. She gets inside the house and hears the sound coming from kitchen. Shefali lies to her that new Servant is working in the kitchen. Tai ji asks her to send her to her house for work. Shefali says ok, and says she eats fish. Tai ji refuses. Shefali asks her to take Pralay with her and says she will come to her house in 10 mins and teach her, as Servant is cooking fish. Tai ji takes Pralay with him knowing fish is being cooked.

Naina’s voiceover tells that love stories got complicated and tells that weather played an important role to bring twist in the love stories. Naina and Preeti walk on the road to go to college holding umbrella in their hands. Sameer sits in his car and drives it. Suddenly coconut leaves fall on his car’s glass. Sameer gets down from the car and cleans it. Naina calls auto. Sameer hears and sees her standing on road waiting for auto rickshaw. Naina also looks at him. Some kids are playing there in water nearby. Naina looks at Sameer and imagines sharing umbrella with Sameer while it is raining. She imagines playing with Sameer. They both look at each other.

Tai ji tells Bela that she had given yellow shirt to Arjun on his birthday. Bela says you said it was 400 although it was of 150 rs. Tai ji says you don’t remember such talks. Bela says I don’t know why did you remember that shirt. Tai ji says he has spoiled that shirt and stained it with Acchar. Bela says she will check her Acchar. Tai ji gives yellow shirt to Bela and asks her to wash it. Bela recalls seeing Shefali with similar acchar stains on her shirt.

Naina’s voiceover tells that Bela Chachi had understood Arjun and Shefali love story have hidden behind the stains. She says thankfully she didn’t tell Tai ji else their love story would have reached climax. She tells that Sameer and her love story was nearing climax. Naina takes auto and leave. Sameer also leaves. Munna and Pandit come to college wearing similar shirts. Munna asks Pandit to change his clothes. Pandit refuses. Munna says Sameer has broken with Naina, don’t know if he is fine or not. Preeto stops her auto and picks Swati. They tell that they will go in Kamya’s car. Kamya and her friend take lift in auto, and tells that her car is not working. Kamya applies lipstick and asks them to apply, but they refuse. Sameer comes to Munna and Pandit and asks why did they wear same shirts. He asks them to sit in car. They leave. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was separated from school and was going alone to college, and tells that so much happened on that day.

Sameer, Munna, Pandit, and others come to VJN college. Other students are seen.

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