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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st June 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naina playing romantic songs to make Swati and Munna cheer up and mingle with each other. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was very pressurize that day to make Munna and Swati meet and because of the neighbors, but tape recorded was more pressurized to play songs for Munna and Swati. She plays the song first time dekha tumhe love hogaya..they all dance.

Sameer and Naina look at each other. Munna and Swati look at each other. Preeti says let’s make food. Naina and Sameer make American chop suey. Pandit says they are not looking at each other. Kamya gets an idea and shares with them. Naina asks them not to make noise and says nobody shall know that guys are here. Kamya takes Swati to room and asks her to sit. Sameer tells Pandit that he needs to go to bathroom and asks him to come with him. Pandit says I am busy. He asks Sameer to take Munna with him. Munna refuses and tells that Swati is sitting out. Pandit asks him to come and locks him in room with Swati. Swati and Munna knock on the door asking them to open the door. Pandit refuse to open the door until they patch up.

Arjun comes to Shefali’s house. Shefali says you had a match today. Arjun says he made much runs without out. She asks him to come inside, and teases him. She says if Rakesh uncle comes to know about them then? Arjun says how much you will taunt? Swati blames Munna for making this plan with Sameer and Naina. Pandit says they are fighting. Swati says if you don’t get the door open then…Munna asks her to shut up and says I am monkey and does mad things. He says I didn’t do anything which made you feel insulted. Swati gets silent. Munna asks him to open the door. Naina says we will open the door and asks them to open the album and see the pics. Preeti says it is in almari. Swati says it is girls’ almari. She opens it and takes the album.

Naina tells about the pic. Sameer tells Munna that you had said that you likes her. Naina asks them to see next pic. Munna says it is Mount Abu pic. Sameer says Munna asked me to click that pic. Naina says in that next pic, Munna brought icecream for you. They make them remind their moments since childhood. Munna asks where am I in the 6th standard pic. Pandit says you are behind Swati since childhood.

Swati says this is 7th pic. Munna says yes and praises Swati. Naina says what is next pic? Munna says mount Abu pic, I am behind frock wala pandit. Naina tells Swati that munna was always stood behind her, and was looking at her when everyone was looking at the camera. Sameer says he might look like a monkey, but his love is true and innocent. Naina says that monkey loves you a lot. They get teary eyes. Swati gives hanky to Munna. Munna cleans his nose with it. He then takes pillow and wipes her tears with its cover. Naina tells them that she got Sameer after losing him. Sameer says our luck was good else we wouldn’t have met. Song plays…..aa bhi jaa song plays….

Precap: Arjun comes home. Naina and other girls get tensed. Arjun asks if there is someone inside.

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