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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th August 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naina and Preeti taking an auto rickshaw. Pandit comes and sits in it. Naina and Preeti get another rickshaw, but Munna sits in it. Pandit comes and they act as a goon. Auto driver runs with his auto. Preeti asks what you both are doing here. Munna and Pandit make an excuse. Preeti asks them to make a proper excuse. They are about to sit in auto, but Munna and Pandit sit in rickshaw again. Naina says we will go by bus. Munna and Pandit come in Sameer’s car and asks them to sit.

Munna asks Naina to sit and says they will drop them. Naina refuses to go and tells Preeti that Sameer must have sent them. A neighbor comes and blesses Naina for her alliance. Munna asks Naina to sit before anyone sees them. Preeti says they shall take lift as they are getting late.

Tai ji asks Bela to take vegetables which likes by Taya ji. Bela asks her to let her take vegetables of her choice. Tai ji asks why she is rude to her and says I have understood as Rakesh agreed and handover the responsibility to me. Megha’s mother comes and asks about Naina’s alliance. Tai ji says she has searched diamond for her and taunts her. Megha ’s mother and Ramila taunt Bela and says if Naina was her daughter then they would have done her marriage grandly. Bela says they would have done her marriage grandly, but nothing is in their hand. Tai ji says groom’s family don’t want dowry.

In the college, Sameer and Naina look at each other. Sunaina comes and says hi. She asks him not to look at her with love else she will fall in love with him. Dimple calls Sunaina. She goes to talk to her. Sunaina signs Sameer and asks for the cold drink. Sameer looks at Naina. Munna passes the cold drink to Preeti. Naina looks at the cold drink. Sunaina comes to Naina to take the drink. Naina drops it. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Naina ended the game, her score was zero and my score was 1, laughs. Preeti confronts Naina for breaking the bottle and asks her to do a final decision. She says if you want to hold Sameer’s hand then hold it, I will support you. Naina says she wouldn’t have taken this decision if she could. She tells that she has broken the bottle intentionally as she felt jealous. She tells that she has to control her feelings.

Sameer, Naina and Sharad’s families are in the restaurant, when Naina gets hiccups. Sameer looks on.

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