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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th January 2018

Rakesh says Sameer will leave Arjun in 2 days and run away. Nanu says he won’t. If he runs away, then he will do whatever he says. Rakesh says he wants 5 lakh rupees of guarantee. If Sameer runs away, then Nanu will give him that many rupees. Nanu agrees.

Naina recalls Sameer apologizing her and then Arjun falling off the stairs and she looks angry.

Taiji is not happy with Rakesh calling Sameer, a young guy, in their house without letting anyone know. Pooja’s marriage is also coming. Naina agrees saying Sameer is not a good guy. They can’t trust him. Rakesh shuts her up. He tells his brothers that Sameer won’t stay like a guest, he will stay as a servant. He deserves that as punishment. Tauji and Taiji are against. Taiji says if Sameer comes, then she won’t keep Arjun in her house. Chachaji says Arjun can live in his house. Naina is not happy.

Next morning, Naina prays to keep Sameer away from her house. Same time, Sameer arrives in Naina’s colony. He says he is going to his enemy’s house alone and that too with empty handed. He asks the God to protect him. He wishes Arjun gets fine soon and Naina doesn’t stay sad. He wants to see her happy always. Rakesh says he knew Sameer will never come on time. He has to go get Arjun’s reports and tells Naina if Sameer comes, then make him work like a servant. Rakesh leaves and Sameer enters. Sameer wonders what kind of welcome he will get. He’s finding home. A guy was there to deliver rice. Sameer by mistake kicks it and all rice come out. Naina turns and looks at him.

Female Narrator says: Usually girls kick rice and enter groom’s house. Sameer entered her house same way. Whether it was good or bad, she didn’t know at that time.

Sameer introduces himself to Naina’s family. Chachaji informs him that he has come as an unwanted guest. He is only allowed because of Rakesh. Chachaji also asks him to stay away from Arjun. He allows him inside and asks to leave after few hours and don’t think of making any relationship with anyone. Sameer says ok. Chachaji leaves. Other family members also go in, including Naina who goes last.

Later, Sameer tries to talk to Preeti, Chachiji but they ignore him. He talks to Puja about her wedding and she replies, but Chachiji sends her back inside.

Time passes. Naina comes outside. Sameer tells her that her house and family members are very nice. She ignores. He then sees phone and asks that’s same phone through which she used to talk to him secretly. Naina gets flashbacks and gets angry. Sameer asks himself why he had to say that. He says sorry to her and asks where Arjun is. He wants to look after him for real. Naina says enough and tells him not to try to talk to her in that house. She has no interest seeing his drama of being good. She has already seen him well and has gotten betrayed too with his innocent face. She suggests him to stay away from Arjun and leave after some time. If he gets bored and would like to go home, then they all will be very happy. She leaves.
Sameer says to himself, it’s not only him who gets angry. Naina also get a lot of anger. It’s going to be tough.

Male narrator: They were close, but not together. He wasn’t ready to give up to try and bring smile on her face. Back in the day, you had to put more effort for your love than studying for exams. You can pass school exams with less marks, but for love exam, you need 100 percent.

Munna and Pandit come to Sameer’s home and realizes he went to Naina’s place and they can’t go there. They decide to call Naina’s home. Naina picks up. Munna and Pandit justify Sameer saying Arjun came himself and Sameer didn’t do anything. Naina says it’s their habit of doing mistake and then not accepting. They ask Naina to take care of Sameer in their absence. Naina says she only takes care of her own and Sameer is not hers. In fact, he is a nightmare. Sameer looks on.

Precap: Sameer feeds Arjun. He spits back at him. Sameer looks at him. He asks what happened? you’re angry? Hit me. Naina watches.

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