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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 14th May 2018 Written Update

Amit Deewan introduces his fiancé Neha to Anushka. Anushka compliments them and asks them to value each other. She says everyone is not lucky as you. Sweety asks Siddhant why didn’t he tell Anushka that he came to party for Karthik’s work and says it seems she is upset with him. Siddhant says there is something called trust and says same thing happened today also. They reminisces their break up day. Anushka lies to him and goes to party. She thinks I thought to leave, but can’t come out. Sweety goes to take drink.

Anushka is about to go to Siddhant, but Robby stops her. Anushka recalls that he tried to kiss her. fb ends. She ignores him. Yeh pyaar nahi toh plays…..He thinks about getting angry with Anushka. He goes to wish Amit and Neha and pose for pics with Anushka. They posewith all friends then. Song continues to play. Someone comes and asks Siddhant, if he bought car. Siddhant says it is company’s car. Some of his friends try to embarrass him. Anushka thinks I didn’t take you to party, as you will feel uncomfortable. She thinks I came to tell you something that day. Siddhant also thinks the same. They get worried. Friends ask them to play truth or dare. Anushka’s turn comes. She chooses truth.

Neha asks Anushka to tell about her first love…Anushka looks at Siddhant. They ask her not to tell that she never loved anyone. Anushka says she don’t want to tell us. Amit says it is ok, and asks her to dare. They ask her to take a drink. Anushka refuses, but drinks on their insistence. She says I don’t want to play this stupid game. Robby asks Anushka if she is angry with him still. Siddhant recalls Anushka telling that Robby tried to kiss her, and he telling her that it happens in rich people. Sweety tells Siddhant that they shall go now.

Siddhant says ok. Robby says sorry and says lets be friends again. Anushka asks him to leave her alone. She asks Siddhant to drop her home. Siddhant asks don’t you have car? Anushka says it is night and asks him to drop her. Siddhant asks her to go by herself. Anushka asks if he has no humanity. Sweety asks Siddhant what is he doing? Anushka walks away. She recalls going away from him in their teens. Siddhant thinks to stop her then, but don’t stop her. Anushka turns to Siddhant, but sees him gone. Fb ends.

Anushka turns and looks for Siddhant. Amit asks Siddhant if he is going without meeting and apologizes to him if he felt bad about something. He says you are lucky and says your and Anushka’s friendship are real, says that day she tears my card and threw on my face. He says others friends come and leave, but you both are true friends. Parag tells Anushka that Karthik told that Siddhant wasn’t invited, he came to get Karthik’s signatures on the papers and Amit and neha asked him to join the party.

Anushka tries to go, but Robby comes infront of her and asks why is she punishing him, and says I didn’t kiss you. Siddhant comes there and asks Robby why is he troubling Anushka when she don’t want to talk to him. Robby says I don’t want to talk to you. Siddhant starts beating him. Amit asks them to stop fighting.. Siddhant threatens Robby to stay away from her, and says Girls refusal means no. He says girls feel unsafe because of guys like you. Amit slaps Robby. Siddhant is still upset. Anushka looks at Siddhant.

Siddhant drops Anushka home and asks her if she really don’t know about the meaning of nenu nenu premisthunnanu. Anushka smiles. Siddhant also smiles.

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