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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2017

The Episode starts with Raman trying to stop the police. Simmi worries for Mrs. Bhalla. Parmeet stops her and asks did you forget our revenge for Ananya’s death, if you do anything, Ishita will win, our game will gets spoiled. The ladies gossip about Mrs. Bhalla. Raman gets angry and asks them to stop nonsense. Raman asks inspector to stop. Ashok comes and stops the inspector.

Aaliya calls up Shagun and asks her to come fast and stop Mrs. Bhalla’s arrest, Raman is in stress. Shagun says I will get my NGO lawyer and come there, you just go there, just handle it, I will be reaching. Ashok says Ishita got the wrong info, we felt Raman is taking wrong medicines, its the report that he is taking safe medicines, this is court orders, we are Raman’s investors, we didn’t wish him to have any problem, sorry, you can leave Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla gets freed. Inspector calls Ishita irresponsible and goes. Raman scolds Ishita. He says you can fall so low to win one award, I can sacrifice hundred awards for my mum, just apologize to my mum by touching her feet, now….Ishita apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla cries and turns face away. Simmi takes her.

Shagun arrives there. Inspector asks Ishita not to defame anyone again, else he will take strict action against her. Shagun thanks the lawyer for coming on short notice, everything seems sorted here. Shagun asks Ishita what’s happening. Ishita says I did a mistake. Shagun says you are hiding something, you can share it with me, trust me, fine you don’t trust me, you can trust Simmi and talk to me, she will help you out. Ishita says you are thinking too much, I have no answers. She leaves with Ashok. Shagun thinks Ishita is planning something, what’s this story of pills.

Simmi asks why did Ishita change reports. Parmeet says she is very clever, Ashok is also with her now. Ishita asks Ashok how were you ready with other medical report, did you know this plan will fail. He says I was shocked knowing Mrs. Bhalla got arrested, so I got that report prepared. She asks how did you know. Romi comes and says I told him. Ishita asks you… He says yes, I was there and seeing Simmi fighting with you, I understood its your plan and called Ashok, whatever happens, I know you will never see your family hurt, I will always be there, whenever you need me, give a call. She thanks him and says I m very lucky to get a brother like you, thanks. He leaves. Ishita says why did anyone not see a change in Raman till now.

Simmi cries and says mum would have gone jail because of me today. Parmeet says what about Ananya, would you forgive yourself if you forget about Ananya, Ishita has snatched her. She says I will snatch everything from her. He says doctor is away, Ishita can’t find him, she can’t do anything. She says yes, I m doing this for revenge, how will anyone know that I m giving wrong pills to Raman. He says the family is not seeing changes in Raman as doctor assured them that Raman will recover. She says Raman will gradually forget even himself, its time to give him pills, I will go. Parmeet asks her not to delay. She goes to Raman. Raman thinks of Mrs. Bhalla’s arrest.

Simmi gives medicines. Raman says I will not take these medicines again. He throws the box out of the window. Ishita gets it and smiles. Ashok says finally, you have won. Ishita comes upstairs. Simmi asks till when will you play this game. Ishita asks did I do this, you gave wrong pills to Raman and got Mrs. Bhalla’s name on the reports, you are ruining the family. Simmi says Raman knows you killed my daughter, you tried to get mum arrested, its no more your family. Ishita says but you tried a lot, what’s the outcome, Raman has thrown these pills himself, this is my victory, think what will you do now, if you buy these medicines again, police will catch you or I will get you arrested, don’t know why do you feel victorious, you have failed, I m not exposing you completely, as I don’t want to shock Mr and Mrs. Bhalla, I won’t let you succeed. Simmia sks what will you do, will you kill me as you killed Ananya. Ishita says yes, I will kill this Simmi, you have changed, you are hurting yourself, the bad phase changed you, I promise I will get old Simmi back, one who is my friend, one who loves her family, who just wants family’s happiness, evil is always loses to goodness. Simmi asks her to stop it and goes. Ishita says I will unite my family, I have come back to my family, I will not let them break more.

Its morning, Raman asks Adi, Ruhi and Romi to manage work together. He says Ruhi we have to match our ideas. Parmeet says Raman…. Raman says there is much work, no time to talk. Parmeet says you forgot, you didn’t give me any work. Raman says I didn’t forget, finish pending work first. Ishita and Ashok come and look on. Ramnan says Ruhi, we don’t have to let anyone complain. Ishita and Raman get arguing. She says this CEO award function will be difficult. He says you will regret to give the award to me. She says we shall wait and see, may the best person win. He says you are talking to the best person and leaves. She smiles and says you are the best Raman. She asks Ashok did he talk to manager. He says yes, manager made the changes. She says I just want Raman to remember everything tonight, it should happen as we thought.

Everyone arrives for the award function. Ishita says this time I m not alone, I got my lucky charm with me.

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