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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd September 2017

The Episode starts with Adi telling Raman that Ruhi has slapped Romi. Raman gets angry. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman not to create a drama here and come home. Appa and Amma try to manage. The man says they keep Mata ki chowki and act Sanskari, see how their son has beaten a guy, Ruhi has slapped her uncle, I think we should call police. Kiran says you are right, call police, just they will get defamed, why are everyone against them. She says everyone is society’s children. The lady tells the man to let Bhallas solve the matter.

Ruhi says I have raised hand my mistake. Raman asks her to show him how did she slap Romi, who regards her more than a daughter. Ruhi says Nikhil came there when my car broke down, he was helping me. Adi says how did he come to same place where you went to get chunris. Ruhi says Adi and Romi were badly beating Nikhil, I have raised hand by mistake. Raman says then you can slap me also for Nikhil. Ruhi says how could I stay quiet, Adi stay out of this matter, I know I didn’t do any mistake, I m not sorry, how much shall I hide my feelings, I don’t care of anything. Ishita asks her not to drag matter, say sorry and end it. Raman says you have encouraged her to have relation with Nikhil. Ishita says if child does right, child is yours, else mine. They argue. Adi asks Ruhi did she get happy seeing this.

Ruhi cries and argues. Ishita says I want to talk to my husband, be quiet. She asks Raman how can he make anyone his enemy if person doesn’t listen to him, he wants to make Ruhi a puppet. She says our children can’t tell us truth, as you can’t bear truth. Raman says this is my house and my children will be as I want, if she wants to ruin her life, then get out of my house. Mr. Bhalla and Romi stop Raman. Romi says I will explain her. He asks Ruhi will she listen to him. Amma says stop it, we will discuss tomorrow, Ruhi will apologize. She asks Ruhi to say she will never meet Nikhil. Ruhi asks why won’t I meet him, what wrong did we do, I didn’t lie, Papa doesn’t trust me, I told I didn’t go to meet Nikhil, he met by chance, my hand has hit Romi, I didn’t slap him, I have made my mind, Nikhl is not a bad person, why shall I not meet him, Papa is wrong, he is my enemy. Raman says listen to me, I m not your enemy, I m protective about you. She says I will go and meet Nikhil. Raman slaps her.

Mr. Bhalla asks him how can he slap. Raman asks shall I see her ruining her life. They all cry. Raman says fine, you have to meet Nikhil, I will show you a way. He goes and packs Ruhi’s clothes. Ishita comes to stop him. He says I can’t see her ruining her life this way. He goes out and pushes Ishita. She gets hurt and steps on glass pieces. Adi holds her. Her feet bleeds. Raman drags Ruhi out. Ishita runs after them. She holds Ruhi. Raman asks Ruhi to get out of his house. Romi asks him to stop. Ishita says you have much adamancy, fine I m also adamant, slap me first, make me leave the house first, but my daughter will stay here till I m here.

Raman says then you also decide, either me or Ruhi. They get shocked. Ishita asks are you asking me to choose one, she is that Ruhi, because of whom we met, you are asking me to choose either of you, is our relation so small. Adi asks her to calm down, Papa says anything in anger. Romi says we will sit and talk. Ishita cries and says our relation is so small, we had argument because of Nikhil and relation got over. Raman asks her to teach Ruhi, he is her father and doesn’t want to ruin her life, she has habit to end relations. Ishita cries and says nothing changed, whenever any problem comes, blame comes on me, I m wrong, you decided everything, fine, I will take my decision now. He says I want to know what decision you take.

She says I will choose any one…. Pihu comes there and says Ishi maa. Raman and Ishita wipe tears. Pihu says I m not getting sleep, will you sleep with me please. Aaliya asks Pihu to come to her. Pihu says no, I want to sleep with Ishimaa. Ishita says sorry, I m crying because I have an exam and I have to give an answer. They all cry. Ishita says its tough to choose any one. Pihu says I m your helpline, like they show in tv. Ishita says you said right, Adi is my helpline, Ruhi is also my helpline, thanks, I got my answer. She holds Ruhi and says woman should not be tested in such a way that person gets sad, a woman will always choose her husband, but a mum will always choose her children, always, when I have to choose one, I will choose my children. Raman cries.

Mr. Bhalla asks Ruhi to respect what Ishita said, go to your room. Ruhi cries. Ishita says I m with you, you stay with me. She takes Ruhi with her. Mr. Bhalla scolds Raman. Raman says I will give my life for my children, I was just saving my daughter, why does anyone not understand this, I can’t see tears in Ruhi’s eyes, even I would have chosen my children being in Ishita’s place. Mr. Bhalla says I m also a father, of such a son who always dominated, but I have never forced you for anything, I always explained with love, you also behave such with your children, everything will spoil, family will shatter this way. Raman asks him to talk to Ruhi, if Ruhi goes from here, he can’t live.

Amma cries and says how did this happen, I have never seen Raman like this, it was good Pihu came. Kiran comes and asks Amma is she fine. She checks Amma’s BP. She asks Amma to have medicine. Appa gives her medicine. He thanks Kiran. Kiran says this s my duty towards my family. She goes. Amma and Appa praise her. Appa says Ishu’s house will have everything fine. Ishita comes to room and gets angry seeing Raman. Ruhi cries and thinks of Raman’s words. Adi says Ruhi can’t talk to Papa and Ishimaa like this. Aaliya asks him to stay calm. Romi and Mihika stay awake and worried. Mr. Bhalla sees Mrs. Bhalla’s pic and misses her. Raman and Ishita stay upset.

Ishita gives aarti to everyone. Raman asks Adi and Romi to reach office for meeting. Raman passes a taunt and goes.

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