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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2018

The episode starts with Ishitha waking up and seeing Adi thinking. She goes to him and asks what happened. Adi is worried for Aliya. Ishitha consoles him.

Mani says , “Thank god our plan got successful and we got the number“ . Shagun wishes him “Happy new year“ . They hug each other. Shagun says “we should try to contact that number again“. Mani gets the phone. The doorbell rings at that moment. Mani goes and opens the door. Watchman comes and greets them ‘happy new year’. He gives a card. Mani takes it. Shagun goes in and brings a gift. She gives it to the watchman and tells to give it to his children. Mani asks for watchman’s phone. Mani takes it and they both get aside. Shagun asks why did he do so. Mani says if they try from different number, it will work. He calls that number from watchman’s phone. The receiver answers the call. Mani gets shocked hearing his voice. Shagun asks didn’t he answer the call. Mani says he did. Shagun asks “Then why didn’t you talk? Who is that person? Mani says “I know him very well.” Shagun asks who? Mani says he’s not anyone else, but Param. Shagun gets shocked.

A man is shown getting out of a car. He meets Mini. He is revealed as Param. Mini gives him the money which Mani gave her and says here is your money. Aliya returned them. Param asks “What? Did Aliya return money? Mini says yes. Param opens the paper bag which Mini gave. He gets some books like things out, instead of money. Param asks Mini “Are you joking?” and blames her. Mini gets surprised and says “Oh my god! This mean Aliya’s Appa cheated me. He asks “Did Mani give this money?” Mini says “yes, do you know him?”

Shagun says “Param? Why does he do so? Did you hear his voice clearly?” Mani says yes. Shagun says “This means.. I just don’t believe this”. Mani returns the phone to the watchman and sends him away. He locks the door. Shagun says “I don’t understand why he is doing this”. Mani says “Shagun, I’m very sure. I have no doubt. I heard clearly. No wonder why he didn’t answer our calls because he has our numbers”. Shagun says “I think there is some misundrstanding. Why would Param do so?” She says “I cant believe it.” Mani replies in a high voice, “What’s wrong with you Shagun? I’m very sure that it was Param. Why don’t you believe me?” Shagun says “you are shouting at me”. Mani says because “I’m angry Shagun. All Bhalla family members think that Aliya is addicted to gambling”. Shagun says “This means Papa’s property papers are with Param. Mani says “I will not leave him” and tries to leave. Shagun stops him and says “one minute”. Mani asks “what happened?.” Shagun says “just trust me wait”. She calls Param. Param’s phone is switched off. Mani says “why are we calling him? I’ll catch him and tries to leave”. Shagun stops him and says “Mani, he is very smart”. I think we must discuss this with Raman and Ishitha. Mani says “ok. I’ll go to police station and meet them”. Shagun stops him and tells “There is no use of telling them, when they are in jail. We’ll talk when they return home”. Mani says “ok I’ll call my lawyer”.

Param blames Mini and shouts at her to leave. She goes . Param calls Simmi and tells everything. Simmi says “calm down everything will be ok”. Param says “Simmi why are you saying so? Raman will throw me out of home if he gets to know this”. Simmi says “we can handle him. Don’t worry”. She asks him to come home. Param says ok.

Raman, Ishitha , Adi and Aliya come out of jail. Ishitha gets a call from Mani. Mani tells her “If Aliya is near you go to some other place”. Ishitha goes and asks what happened. Mani says “come home with Raman I wil meet you all in Bhalla house”. Ishitha agrees. Shagun says “let’s leave Mani”. Raman comes to Ishitha and asks her to come. Ishitha gets worried. They reach Bhalla house. Nilu welcomes them. Raman goes to call Mr.Bhalla. Ishitha stops him and tells to go and rest. She asks Neelu “did Mani and Shagun come?”. Raman asks “what has happened? Why are you searching them?”. Mani and Shagun arrive. Mani tells to Aliya “go and pack your bags. You can’t stay here”. Ishitha asks why are you saying so Mani?”. Raman also asks the same. Mani says “I don’t want to give explanations to anyone. Aliya will not stay here and that’s final”. Ishitha asks “what has happened? please tell”. Ishitha asks Shagun. Shagun says “we have found who has given loans to Aliya.” Raman says “we were going to find that person.. You know right please tell”. Raman says again, “I’m tensed please tell who that person is”. Mani says “he is none other than Param”. All get shocked. Raman asks “what? maybe you are mistaken. Why would he do so? This is his home too”. Shagun says “he is the one who has given loans to Aliya”. Raman turns at Ishitha . Ishitha says “this means that house property papers are with Param”. Raman looks at Mani and Shagun and says “I don’t understand what you people are saying. He is one of our family members. Why would he do so?”. Mani says “really , if you have this much trust , ask him”. Mani shouts “Param come out”. He comes out with Simmi. Mani hold his collar and shouts at him . Simmi asks “what are you doing Mani?”. Mani says “your papa’s house papers are with your husband”. Param asks “what are you saying?. This is my family too . Why sould I get papa’s house papers?”. Simmi says “exactly”. Raman asks Mani to stop. Shagun says “please Raman , you don’t know his history”. Simmi gets angry and tells Shagun “Are you the one who is going to tell us all this? Our bhaiya knows Param won’t do such a thing”. Mani shouts “shut up“ and “I’m not telling any others faults as his. I met Mini and got the number which gave her loans and called it. He answered that call. “ . Simmi says “ is that so? how can you be so sure? “ and says “ when anything happen in this house, you all target Param. This is not his fault.” Raman tells Mani “let’s go”. Mani says “enogh. Aliya I won’t let you stay here, pack your bags.” Raman says Mani.. Ishitha says Mani is not lieing Raman. Simmi shouts at her. They all leave out. Param and Simmi are left alone . They smile at each other. Simmi asks “aren’t we going”.

Ishitha shouts at Mani to stop and says “nothing will happen if you leave”. They all reach the door. Mr. Bhalla comes out and asks “what are you all doing here? didn’t you go for party? “ . Raman says “ yes papa we went and were late to return “ . Mr. Bhalla asks Adi “ aren’t you wishing me? “ . Adi smile at him and tells “ Happy new year “ and gets his blessings. Ishitha and Raman wish him happy new year. Mr. Bhalla gets happy. Aliya looks at these things and goes.

Mihika comes out and asks Neelu what has happened. She tells everything. Romi also comes out and asks what has happened. Aliya comes there and asks Romi to stop what is going to happen.

Mr. Bhalla asks “ What are you all doing here? “ . Raman says “ we are planning a get together” .

Mihika shouts at Aliya and says “ why didn’t you tell this to papa ? you are so much addicted to gambling and sold house papers too. I don’t believe this Aliya. What is this?” Aliya asks why she is saying such things. Mihika says “ you should have thought before doing . and where is that jagan mata.. Ishu akka. Tell her ”. Aliya asks “ why are you saing these things? she haven’t done anything”. Mihika rushes to tell the whole thing to Mr. Bhalla. Aliya tries to stop her. Mihika pushes her away. Adi comes and catches her. He asks why are you doing these? Mihika leaves . Adi goes in. Romi says “ I’ll take care of him”.

Mr.Bhalla says “ if you are planning get together lets go in”. Mihika comes there and says “ Mani and shagun can’t come in papa”. Raman says “ Mihika come let’s talk”. Mihika says “your house papers are with Param”. Mr. Bhalla asks “Param? Why would he do so?”. Mihika says “I don’t know this is the truth”. Raman memes at Ishitha annoyingly. Mihika says “Aliya has stolen house papers from your room. Aliya is addicted to gambling. That’s why she has stolen those papers”. Ishitha and Raman try to stop her. Mihika tells “Mani , Shagun and akka knew this. Aliya has got those loans from Param”. Mr. Bhalla gets shocked. Raman and Ishitha tells Mihika to stop it. Raman and ishitha says nothing like that happened papa. Ishitha takes Mihika with her. Mr. Bhalla asks “Aliya you? Bahu of house? thief?” He faints .

Ishitha takes Mihika in . She tells “If you have problems with me, settle them with me. What has it to do with papa ji? This is your house too”. Mihika asks “Why shouldn’t he know such a big thing? I have told you not to tell me what to do. I do what I want”. She goes in. Aliya looks at them.

Precap: Simmi tells Raman that Ishitha has done all these. Raman falls unconsciously. Adi shouts “papa”. Ishitha looks back and gets shocked. Everyone looks shocked.

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