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Yaarudi Nee Mohini

Yaaradi Nee Mohini is an Indian Tamil Language TV soap opera which means Who are you, beautiful Woman. The show stars Sanjeev, Fathima Babu, Nachathira and Chaitra. The show started airing on 24th April 2017 on Zee tamil. Yaaradi Nee Mohini airs every Monday to Friday at 8:3o PM Indian Standard Time. The show is the second biggest budgeted series in south Indian television after Nandini. It was remade in the Telugu language as Evaru Nuvvu Mohini and in Kannada as Yaara Nee Mohini.

Mutharasan, hero of the story is grandson of a great Landlord and he is a widower. As he lost his mother, his father marries another woman by the name Neelambari. Mutharasan has high regards for his step mother Neelambari and her words are important to him and he relies completely on her. She takes advantage of this and her plan is to take away the property of Mutharasan and give it to her four children – Marudhu, Poongothai, Karthick and Tharini. Knowing only after Mutharasan gets married and his wife signs, Neelambari can get all the property. In between all this Mutharasan’s first wife (who was killed by Neelambari), Chithra’s spirit rises up and it plays a vital role in spoiling the efforts taken by Neelambari and team to spoil the life of Mutharasan. Now the story travels in a way that, who marries Mutharasan and did Neelambari’s wishes get fulfilled?

Main Cast:

  • Sanjeev as Mutharasan or Muthu mama
  • Nachathira as Vennila
  • Fathima Babu as Nilambari (Step mother of Mutharasan)
  • Chaitra Reddy as Shwetha
  • Yamuna Chinnadurai as Chithira (Ghost), Muthrarasan’s Ex-Wife

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