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Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th May 2018 Written Update

Scene 1
Aparna says to reporters that I dont know about anyone but my decision is same, I accept Pankti as my daughter in law, Pankit hugs her. Reporter says sorry we judged you, they all cheer for Pankti. Pankti is in tears. Ahaan says to Pankti that your truth won, she nods and hugs him. JD angrily leaves from there.

All family members see this on TV. They say Pankti won, they did it. Vikram says I dont know if we should be happy on this or not. Sister says what are you saying? you should be happy, wish they never separate, and comeback to this house as a couple. JD comes there and says Pankti was my rakhni and will remain mine, Pankti will come to this house but as my rakhni only. Vikram says she wont come to this house as someone’s wife or someone mistress because it would hurt my mom. Jd says you cant do anything, he says to Sheetal that she would have to see me with Pankti infront of everyone, Ahaan can bring her home but she will remain my mistress, he says Sheetal are you miffed? dont be mad, you will always be my wife. Sheetal recalls how JD always fooled her, made her sign papers, how he tried to kill her. JD says you will remain my wife till death do us apart, he tries to caress her face but Sheetal grabs his hand, all are stunned. Sheetal stands up from her wheelchair and looks in his eyes. Ahaan and Pankti comes there too. Aparna asks Sheetal if she is fine? Sheetal tightly grabs JD’s hand. JD asks Vikram to free him. Aparna says you have to pay for your sins. Aparna says to Sheetal that your anger is not only yours but ours too, the pain you felt, it was not only yours but ours too but its time for justice and Pankti have brought it by crushing JD’s rights on her. Ahaan says world have accepted Pankti, her past, her scars all are finished. Sheetal recalls how JD tried to molest Pankti, took her vulgar photos by making her unconscious. Sheetal leaves JD’s hand. JD turns to leave but Ahaan stops him, Jd asks him to leave his path. JD says you wont be forgiven for your sins, the sin that Sheetal is in this condition because of you, JD says you are a junior and will remain junior, not all my tricks can fail. Ahaan says so you accept that Sheetal’s condition was your trick which failed? JD says shut up, you can take it as you want but remember nobody has guts to touch me here, you people cant reach me, I am JD, he glares at them and leaves.

Anita says its so hot today. Poorva and Monty comes there. Poorva says Ahaan made Jd silent today, he made it cold today. Anita says his mind only works to hurt people who try to attack him, you people dont know him, he must be planning to hurt us all, dont enjoy but be careful.

Aparna makes Sheetal eat and says we should do peace pooja for her, may God make her fine. Aparna says we shouldnt leave her alone, she asks Vikram to stay with her too when she leaves, he nods and goes. JD glares at them.

Vikram says to Richa that the girl who brought so many troubles here is back. Richa says Sheetal accepted her, she had tears in her eyes. Vikram says she will never accept her.

Pankti comes to Sheetal’s room, Aparna asks her to come inside and sit. Pankti sits infront of Sheetal. Sheetal recalls JD’s words for her and stares at her. Aparna says I will come, she leaves. Pankti says some pain never leave even after time, I cant even understand the pain you are going through, I know I am responsible but I didnt have anything in my hand, not even my life, I couldnt see that it was hurting someone else, you gave me so much and this happened with you.

In ishq mein marjawan, some goons attack Deep and Arohi. Deep falls down. Goons take arohi from there.
Prithvi cries looking at Guddi’s picture, he says I am sorry, I couldnt give you justice, I was not a real father, wish I could save you from your mother’s clutches. Virat comes there and says you can take her death’s revenge, listen to me, shake hands with me, they have destroyed many lives but they will take power from them. Prithvi says you and Roma are same, you are her son. Virat says come on, you dont have anything to lose, I am giving you a chance to take revenge, why are you doubting me? Prithvi says what proof you have that Roma killed my daughter? Virat says you love mom a lot, what did she say to you that you forgot your daughter’s death too? she took your daughter from you and you are still singing her praises, I will snatch everything from you whether you are with me or not, he leaves.

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