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Tu Aashiqui 7th May 2018 Written Update

In Tu aashiqui, JD drinks wine and recalls how reporters and Aparna accepted Pankti, how family tried to corner him, he says JD can never lose.

In ishq mein, Deep gets up and looks around for Arohi. Arohi hides and thinks that the game you played, I will play same game with you, I will wait for him to say that he loves me.

Virat punches bag and says this stupid Prithvi came in Roma’s talks. Prithvi comes there and says you are right, Roma loves her money and name only, if snatch all that from her then my revenge will be completed but I have a condition, I need your help to find my daughter’s body, I want to do her last rituals with respect. Virat shakes his hand and says I will help you to find your daughter’s body.

Arohi thanks goons who helped her, one goon says Chawani is like our brother, we can do anything for his sister, goons start leaving. Arohi says I have one more work, send message to deep.
Goon comes to Deep and says do you have a phone, one girl is unconscious there, Deep runs there. Deep sees Arohi on floor, he runs to her, she hugs him and says they beat me a lot. Deep says I will kill them. He tries to make her get up but her foot has wound, he says if you are hurt then why did you sit up, he holds her foot and does her bandage, ishq mein plays, they share eyelock. Arohi says I dont have pain anymore. Deep says sit here, let me check outside, he leaves. Arohi says what is happening with me? why my heart is beating fast? she recalls their moments earlier and smiles.. she then recalls how Deep promised Tara that he loves her alone. Arohi thinks that Deep can never change, he was a criminal and will remain criminal. Bhabhi calls her, Arohi asks where are you? she says near bridge.. phone disconnects. Arohi says which bridge? she recalls how bhabhi called her earlier and said something related to la.. she says is she near London bridge? she is in London? I have to go to London, yes my revenge will be finished there too. Deep comes there and says no one is here, we should leave. Arohi says there is no one our own here, we should leave from here, go far away, dont think about them, they are not yours, think about your happiness. Deep says I did so bad with you but I did everything for my family but I regret cheating you, always back stabbing you, I didnt want to live but you made me believe that we should always fight for our life, I will think about my life now, yes I want to have a nice life too. Arohi thinks that I wanted this, that you live freely then I will snatch everything from him. Arohi says lets leave this place, go far away, we should go to London, I know you are thinking about Tara but I will wait for you. She thinks I know Deep can be stopped by Tara’s thoughts but I will prepare it.

Roma is calling Tara. Arohi/Tara comes there. Roma asks where were you? Tara says my everything is stake but I have thought something to make everything fine, I will take divorce from Deep then he can live with Arohi or anyone. Roma says he loves you. Tara says he is searching ways to separate from me, its good to leave this marriage. Roma says give another chance to your marriage, if I couldnt handle this situation then you can do what you want.

Roma comes to Deep. Deep says I want to talk to you about yesterday. Roma says forget things of past. Arohi hears them. Roma says to Deep that I am sorry, Deep says leave past. Roma says talk about future, you know my daughter is not normal, she has fits and then Arohi came in our lives, Tara didnt even get pregnant, please make her like before, she had to bear a lot of pain, go from here to some holidays. Bhabhi calls Arohi and says I am near London bridge, please save me. She ends call. Arohi thinks I was right, I have to go to London, she thinks what if deep takes me somewhere else?

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