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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tina complains to Bani that she wanted to tell everyone about the annulment of their relation. She leaves annoyed. Bani asks Samar what happened last night. Samar says we did this, to show Tina; just so that she gets away from them. Bani slaps Samar and says Tina loves him. Samar says he has never loved her, he loves Bani. Bani tells Samar to go to Tina and tell her the truth. Samar says Bani must realize the truth is that they live with each other as they are married. Bani says she doesn’t love him and he must realize it.

Dolly comes to the hall upset and tells the family that their house still has a leakage, the contractor wants a time of one more month. Everyone allows her to stay here until the house is renovated.

Samar comes to the room and finds Bani stands with her back towards him. He tries to clarify he created the drama of being with her on the same bed only because he wants Tina to get away from them. It wasn’t Bani but Tina who turns around crying. Bani comes from behind in the same dress. Samar says she has been making fun of his feelings, he loves Bani and not Tina. Tina firstly hugs Samar but Samar says he is telling the truth, he loves Bani and not Tina. Tina tells Bani that she doesn’t want Samar to lose his love, just like she did. She is happy for Samar and Bani, Bani is lucky that Samar loves her. She leaves the room. Munna hears this from outside the room.

In the room, Munna appreciates Tina for sacrificing for her sister. Tina says if its her true love it would return, and if it doesn’t she will consider they were made for each other. Munna says this isn’t easy, he knows how he is living without Bani. Tina advices him to free his love as well, if not for himself but for the happiness of his love. Munna says Tina only looks young but she is big both at heart and mind. He will try his best to do this, that’s a promise.

Tina comes to Bani’s room, Samar was there. Tina brings a box of gifts Samar gave her when they were together. She has no right over them now and opens each of them. Samar says he is speechless, he is sorry… Tina says love is a real feeling, one needn’t compromise over it. She really wish that he and Tina… then corrects he and Bani stays together. Tina says she might never be able to forget him. She hugs Samar. His phone bell rings then. Tina comes to place the box in the closet, then takes some photos from the box and says Samar must be happy. This is just a drama, he belongs to her and he must be separated from Bani anyway.

Bani was looking around for a book and says if Samar touched her book she won’t leave him. Samar comes from behind and asks him to forgive him for once. He says he loves her. Bani says she doesn’t love him. Bani tells her not to even try do anything. She finds some photos of girls with their prices in the closet. Samar also looks towards them but was speechless. She asks what the price list is about. Aryan comes in and tells Bani they are recruiting new female anchors, he got these photos from his friend director and the digits are the per day expected fees. Bani was relieved he told her the truth and tells Samar to keep office work in office.

Later, Samar asks Aryan why he lied to Bani about the photos. Aryan says he wants to save his love for Bani, he wants Bani to see the love and feel it too. It might take some time but till then there must be no misunderstanding between them. Samar assures he can never think about hurting Bani. Aryan wonders where these photos come into his photos. He says they will know about it, but for later on he must be careful. Tina comes from behind the window and says next time no one would be able to save Samar. She will do anything about it.

Tina and Bani come to Samar’s office. Bani looks around asking what he is doing. Samar says he is waiting for a meeting. Bani says she saw him giving some money to a girl, when they inquired the girl she said she was coming to spend night with him. She turns to leave but soon the door of washroom opens and a girl comes out in bathrobe and towel. Samar asks Bani sometime to explain. Bani asks if she is thinking wrong. She always considered him wrong till date and leaves. He shouts at the girl asking how dare, who sent her? Tina sends Samar after Bani and pays a bundle to the girl. She tells the girl to wear her clothes and get lost.

Samar comes behind Bani and asks her to listen to him. Bani tells him to leave her hand and not dare touch her again, he is a filthy person and hurt her. He isnt’ a good human. Samar smiles and says he can see love in her eyes and his pain. She will soon know he didn’t do anything wrong. What he found reflects her love for him. He argues she must not be effected by whatever he has done. Bani says she is fine and leaves.

PRECAP: Aryan presents Thapki a rose and says I love you. Thapki throws the flower away and asks if he has forgotten he only resembles Bihaan. He must never forget he is not Bihaan but Aryan Khanna. Vasundra hears this and asks from behind, Aryan Khanna!?

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