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Porus 7th May 2018 Written Update

Boy asks vishkanya whoo she is. She says she is his sister and asks to remember. Boy remembers Vishkanya killing his mother. Vishkanya insists boy to remember what happened to his father. Boy remembers Vishkanya killing his father. She asks to remember what happened to his villagers. He remembers villagers drinking poisoned well water and dying. She asks him to remember more.

He remembers Vishkanya burning his village and villagers’ dead bodies. She frightens child if he remembers how she burnt everyone. She remembers boy hiding behind grass and walks towards him. A man tries to rescue boy, and she kills even him with her poison. She tells boy that until she finishes her work, he has to act as her younger brother. She fills food in a plate and mixes poison with her finger and asks boy to eat.

He afraidly says no. She warns if anyone asks who is she, she should inform t hat she is his sister. She turns and gets tensed seing Puru and Lachi standing. Puru asks if the boy is healthy. Vishkanya says after resting, he is fine now. Boy says she is his sister. Laachi pampers boy an days good his memory is back and asks him to have his sister’s prepared food. Vishkanya says he is tired, and she will feed him later. Puru and Laachi walk away. Vishkanya thinks nobody escaped from Vishuddhi’s grip till now, Puru will die soon.

Barsin asks Darius why he wants to take her along to Isus. Darius says last time he left her alone and lost Bharath because of her, this time he will not take a chance.

Puru stands thinking. Laachi asks not to think much about Vishuddhi, she feels Vishuddi is a good girl. She says he should concentrate on people around him also. He gets romantic and tries to kiss her. She walks away shyingly. He tries to cath her and she escapes. He comes loser to her and holds her hand. She pushes him. He says he will not let her go anywhere and runs behind her. Vishuddi tries to walk towards Puru’s room. Hasti stops her and asks where was she going. She nervously says she wanted to bathe and thought bathroom is somewhere around. Hasti says this room is Yuvraj Puru’s, let him show her bathroom. Puru and Laachi’s romance continues. Puru grips her and asks if she is not feeling anything. She says no. He tightens his grip and asks now. She says she controls herself. He gets closer and touching her back asks even now. She controlling herself says, no. he kisses her neck and aasks now. He then touches her navel. She starts breathing heavily.

Hasti shows bathroom to Vishuddi. She asks if he can stay here as she fears someone may enter. He stands outside and asks not to worry. She thins of luring him, untangles her blouse and asks if he is standing outside. He turns and says yes, gets nervous seeing her bare back. She drops her clothes and takes bathe, while Hasti watches her.

Laachi goes aside and says they should not cross their limits. Puru asks to accept that she got afraid, if she does not trust her Puru that he will not cross limits. She says no. He pulls her towards him and says truth is she does not trust herself Vishuddhi continues taking bath luring Hasti and smiles. Hasti gets tempted seeing her bare body. She then draws curtain. She then walks silently towards Puru’s room and peeps into window. Laachi tells Puru that Dasyu ladies don’t lose, today he can be awake and think how to defeat her. She leaves. Vishuddi thinks she came to end Yuvraj Purshottam.

Precap: Alexander with his army battles with Farasi soldiers. He thinks heads will be cut, but his aim will not deter.

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