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Porus 6th June 2018 Written Update

Puru with heads towards Kanishk killing interfering soldiers on the way whle Laachi and others kill other soldiers. Kanishk shouts he dared to come again on his way and get ready to lose life now. He attacks Puru, but Puru easily overpowers him and trashed him royally for insulting his father Bamni and dared to try to kill him. Laachi, Anusuya, and Bamni continue killing others.

Puru continues trashing Kanishk till he becomes half dead and throws him in front of Bamni. Shivdutt attacks Anusuya who counterattacks him. He injures Anusuya’s hand. Bamni gets worried, but Anusuya asks him to let her fulfill her promise and counterattacks Shivdutt repeatedly. Puru throws Kanishk on Bamni’s feet. Bamni throws his sword and lifts Kanishk and says he wanted to be king, now he will give what he wants. He drags Kanishk and throws him on royal chair and says this chair and pure and should not be used for greed.

Anusuya continues overpowering Shivdutt. Shivdutt’s sword falls down. Anusuya throws her sword and trashes Shivdutt with chain. Shivdutt pleads to spare her. Anusuya says power is not enough to win, one should have a pure heart. Bamni asks Anusuya to kill Shivdutt and fulfill her promise as snake will bite even if you feed milk whole life. Shivdutt senses a chance, picks sword and points at Anusuya’s neck. Puru points sword at Kanishk’s neck and warns Shivdutt to leave his mother. Shivdutt says he is holding Puru’s pinched nerve and knows Puru will not harm Kanishk. Bamni heads towards them while Anusuya asks to stay away. Shivdutt stabs sword into Bamni’s stomach repeatedly and shouts he deserves this. Bamni falls down. Anusuya rushes to him crying that nothing will happen to him. Shivdutt drags her back and points sword on her neck. Puru warns again to spare his mother, else he will behead Kanishk. Shivdutt says he will not. Puru takes Kanishk with him while Ambhi raj and Hasti lift Bamni and carry him. Puru tells Anusuya he will return to save her and walks out with his team. Anusuya says she knows he will return.

In Bactria, Alexander and Rukshana’s wedding finishes. Olympia suggests Alexander he should spend sometime in Bactria with his newly wedded wife. Alexander says one who has big dreams will never stop at one place and says Puru, he is coming, run how much ever he wants to..

Precap: Puru asks Hasti why he stopped. Hasti says king Bamni’s feet are cold. Puru gets worried. Chanakya’s entry is shown.

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