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Porus 27th August 2018 Written Update

Anusuya gets out of black magic and gets back into her senses. Puru and Bamni ask her to rest now and make her sleep. Puru tells Laachi he hopes maa will be fine. Laachi says maa will and asks him to get ready for war and hopes her parents realize their mistake and support him against Alexander. On the other side, Dasyu raj tells Mahanandini that Puru would have killed him easily, but spared him and gave 1 day to break this bridge, he showed his trust, so should keep our differences aside and fight against Alexander and if they think bad for their benefit, end result will be bad. She says he is right. He says he will inform his dasyu team to stop bridge work and break it. Hephastian hears that and with Macedonian soldiers surrounds them. He points sword at Dasy raj and yells how dare he is to think of betraying Alexander, if he does not finish bridge by tonight, his head will be gifted to Alexander. Mahanandini pulls her sword warning she will not even let him inflict a small scratch on Dasyu raj and attacks Hepastian and his team and defeats them, asks what if she beheads Hephastian now, turns to Dasyu raj and says he is right, they should keep their differences aside and kick out these intruders. Dasyu raj sees Hephastian attacking her from behind and shouts Mahanandini. She turns. Hephastian stabs her. She falls down.

Puru gets ready for war and walks out of palace with Bamni. Guard announces king Puru has arrived. Anusuya does Puru and his swords and wishes him good luck.

Dasyu raj cries holding Mahanandini in his lap and says nothing will happen to her. Mahanandini says he was right, they should forget their differences and kick out intruders first, she is proud of herself now that she is not dying as a traitor but as a patriot. She passes away. Hephastian tells Alexander that he was right to keep an eye on Dasyus, they were betraying and trying to break bridge. Dasyu says he will die than building bridge. Alexander says he can kill him right away, but will not until bridge is complete as he wants to reach Pourav rastra and gets back his mother. He orders to drag Mahanandini away and tells Dasyu raj that Bharatis burn dead bodies, he will not return Mahanandini’s dead body until bridge is completes. Dasyu raj stands heplessly fuming.

Laachi hopes her parents support their mission of united Bharath. Puru says he hopes it happens soon before he raises sword against their foster dasyu parents. Anusuya hopes same. Puru chants Bharath Jayatu..

Jhelum river’s voiceover says this war was not between 2 people but between 2 minds whose future is related to each other.

Precap: Puru smears soil on his forhead and seeks its blessings to throw enemy in soil. Alexander lifts soil and says Porus wil

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