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Porus 15th May 2018 Written Update

Puru sees Thesius asking Farsi soldier how they respect their king. Soldier rubs his forehead on floor and apologizes. Alexander’s soldier beheads him. Other soldiers trouble common people, and one walks towards woman to kill her. Puru angrily heads towards him, but Laachi stops him. He asks not to worry as nobody will sill them. Soldiers is about kill woman when Puru kill him and rescues woman. He hides woman and asks to be there. Lady says their kind left her helpless. Puru asks where is their king and princess Barsin. Lady says they must be on north side of palace. Puru takes Laachi along towards place.

Barsin’s mother tells her daughters that they have lost war, and before Alexander comes here, they should end their lives. She picks sword and asks soldier to kill her and her 2 daughters at once. He hesitates. She orders to obey her.

Puru runs towards palace rescuing people from Macedonian soldiers. Two soldiers attack him, he and Laachi kills them both. Vishuddi falls while running with Hasti and Ambhi kumar. Macedonian soldier heads towards her. Puru rescues her and asks if she is fine. Vishuddi nods yes. Puru then asks another Farsi man where is Darius’ family. He shows direction. Inside palace, Darius’ wife and daughters kneel down while soldier rises sword to kill them when Alexander throws dagger and kills soldiers. Barsin thinks him as Porus behind curtain and tells her mother that he has come and nobody can harm us Alexander walks in tearing curtain. They get afraid.

Puru with his team hides and sees Macedonian soldiers surrounding palace, says they have to pass these soldiers and save Barsin. Laachi says they have to wait till soldiers go. Ambhi kumar says Laachi is right. In palace, Alexander ignoring Barsin walks to soldier and thrusts dagger into soldier, killing him. He tells Darius’ family that he killed soldier as he was trying to kill them, his war was with king of Faras and not with his family, they are safe. He asks Barsin what is her name. She says Barsin. He identifies Barsin’s sister and mother and says they are looking tensed seeing him, he wants them to accompany him to address Farsi people

Shivdutt points swords at Vish kanya leader and says he gave her a task of killing Puru as vish kanyas are very poisonous, how did her plan fail. She says she wanted to kill Vishuddhi after she kills Puru, but her plan failed. Shivdutt kills lady and holding a snake asks Kanisk he is more relaxed coming here second time why. Kanishk says because he knows snake’s poison is removed beforehand here. Shivdutt says similarly, only we know there is no poison in snakes here, but other do not now, he will use different strategy to kill Puru.

Puru and his team continue hiding and see soldiers raising their swords to respect Alexander while he walks in. Hasti asks who is he. Puru says Alexander, with whom his fate is related to.

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