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Porus 13th February 2018 Written Update

Prince Barsin attacks Puru saying he insulted Farsi’s today, she will defeat him. Puru says he has not learnt to accept defeat and pins her to a wall. Barsin says she has not accepted defeat yet and attacks him again. He defeats her and says he told he has not learnt to lose. She sees his injury and says he is injured, let her treat him. Puru says Farsis are weird, she wanted to kill him just now and now wants to treat him. She says we Farsis are like this and asks him to follow her.

In Macedonia, Olympias asks Alexander if he now realized that Philip will not make him king. Alexander says Philip will announce after his marriage tonight and he is confident of that. Olympias says he is still under illusion.

Back in Pourav rastra, Barsin takes Puru to her room and grinds herb for his wound. Puru taunts he is enjoying seeing a Farsi princess grinding herb for a Bharati and asks her to apply it herself. She says she will call servant. He says he wants princess to apply herb to a dasyu. Lachi reaches Pourav rastra and hears soldiers discussing that Dasyu is injured and was seen in the back side of palace last time. She reaches backside of palace and hears soldiers telling dasyu would not have gone to Farsi’s place. She thinks he would have definitely gone there. Puru continues enjoying Barsin’s treatment. Barsin says a princess is becoming servant for the first time, drops herb and says it fell. Puru rests of sofa and says not an issue, she can pick it back and apply it. She applies herb on his wound while he closes his eyes and enjoys. She smiles. He says Amartya brought a woman here and he does not know why he is so admant. Barsin says nothing happpens without king’s knowlege and Bamni must be behind all this. Puru says he does not think Bamni knows about it. She says she heard from her father about Bamni’s first marriage and queen dying under weird circumstances, even her body is not found, what if she is insane woman is queen.

Kanishk returns and asks Bamni why did he spare Puru. Bamni says don’t forget Puru saved Kanishk’s life. Kanishk says he has not forgotten his insult and revenge. Bamni says why Puru is adamant for that woman, he wants to meet that woman and orders to inform guards.

Puru gets up after Barsin applies herb and says he has to leave now. She says soldiers will be searching him. He holds her shoulder and says a Bharati is taking Farsi’s help for the first time, he will not forget her help. Barsin says Farsis always help. Puru says he has to go. Lachi watches them and fumes that Puru did a big mistake by taking Farsi’s help, he will be punished for that.

Precap: Puru finds Anusuya’s taweez and asks Barsin if she can take him to that woman. Barsin agrees. Darius gets tensed thinking Bamni and Puru are heading to meet Anusya, his plan is failing.

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