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Porus 12th March 2018 Written Update

Puru addresses people that they touched his heart by their heart-whelming welcome, but he is not a prince, anyone can buy clothes, prince and king are the one who can hear their people’s pleas and solve their problems. Bamni and Anusuya feel proud of their son. Puru says he wants to see Farsi market as he returned to his homeland after 21 years and wants to see his friends Farsi wealth who are staying here since 21 years. He tells Darius that he wants to see his market. Darius says his daughter princess Barsin will show him market. Puru says why princess for a small job. Darius says who else can better show him Faras’ fine arts.

Dasyu’s get ready to head towards Pourav rastra. Laachi pleads to take her along, she will not tell Puru anything.

Barsin takes Puru to Farsi market. Puru praises farsi arts and says he wants to buy these mattresses and will build a big room for them. Barsin asks him to stop acting and tell why he came here, she knows he came here with a hidden agenda. Puru says she is intelligent like her father, but he pities on her as her father is a shrewd businessman and is using her and she is just a pawn for her father. Barsin shouts to shut up. He says truth is bitter and asks to show cutlery market, he heard a lot about Farsi cutlery.

Darius watches Puru from balcony and asks Mauses to alert their men as he thinks Puru is up to something. Anusuya walks in asking if everything is fine, she is seeing tension on world’s biggest dynasty’s king. She continues that Farsis thinks themselves are very intelligent, Darius will see Puru’s intelligence now. She taunts him more and leaves, leaving him fuming.

Puru looks at magnified glass and looking at Barsin’s face says very beautiful, drops it and breaks it and says sorry, he dropped it looking at her beautiful face. He says glass is beautiful but fragile. Barsin says glass he can see anything via glass. He asks if he can look at sun as he has not seen sun with bare eyes and says he heard sun rays are different in different countries. He then looks at chandelier. Mauses asks Darius what is Porus doing, if he has gone mad. Puru silently drops each item acting as looking at them and asks Barsin to look via glass. She says she does not want to. He continues breaking things and reminisces Darsy lok burning. He reminisces how he generated heat via glass into all objects. He says work is done. Barsin asks what done. He says this glass is awsome, transparent, red and blue glasses are different. Barsin angrily says let us go, she cannot understand him. Puru thinks she and her father will understand it soon. Darius sees fire catching to all objects and asks Mauses to remove glasses from there soon. Fire spreads beyond limit and people panic. Darius and Barsin stand shocked.

Precap: Darius with Mauses walk towards Puru. Olympia asks Philip why did she stop war against Faras and why he is interested in Aelxander’s wedding. Philip says Alexander is his son.
Priest lady tells Alexander that his marriage will pave a way twowards success for him.

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