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Porus 12th February 2018

Sumer returns back to Dasyu lok. Lachi angrily asks why did he leave Puru in Pourav rastra alone. Nandini asks if she knew that Puru went to Pourav rastra. Sumer says Pouravs were threatening him to tell Dasyu lok’s address and even tried to kill him, but he saved Pourav rastra’s dignity, they wanted Puru back with that woman so he sent signal to him.

Pritha says that means Puru went there with beggar woman. Sumer says yes, Pouravs wanted that woman, don’t know how she is related to them. Pritha says Sajjan Singh and Hasti have gone to Magadh to bring Puru back. Nandini asks to send signal to Sajjan Singh and Hasti to return back. Lachi asks what about Puru, he risked his life to bring back Sumer. Sumer says Puru fell in his own problem, why did he bring slaves here. Lachi says he himself fell in trouble due to his greed, what was the need to go back to get diamond and fall in trouble. Nandini says enough, though Puru is a dasyu, she cannot risk so many Dasyus’ life for one Dasyu. Laachi says Puru fought for them, she will go alone to save Puru.

Kanishk stabs Puru and says king Bamni respected Puru for saving Pourav rastra’s dignity, but as a prince he will take revenge for beating him. He attacks Puru again, but Puru holds his hand and pushes him away. He gets up. Kanishk attacks Puru again. Puru twists his hands and says now he does not mind trashing him again now and pins Kanishk down. Soldiers run to save Kanishk, but seeing Puru’s anger back off. Puru orders Kanishk to go and inform Bamni that even he cannot stop him from taking mad woman/Anusuya back with him.

In Macedonia, Philip in courtyard announces his legal heir. He says here comes his new queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra walks in. Priest cuts her hair and throw them in fire, then ttear her cloth piece and throw them in fire as per ritual. Head priest announces Philip and Cleopatra’s wedding ceremony tonight. Alexander stands shocked.

Puru silently heads towards prison. Anusuya is seen acting as holding her imaginary child. Darius with Moses looks at Anusuya. Soldier walks in and informs what happened in courtyard, how Puru confronted Bamni and Bamni ordered him to get out of Pourav rastra. Darius tells Moses that Puru should not go out of Pourav rastra as only he can oppose Bamni. He says if they inform Puru that Anusuya is Bamni’s daughter, he will fight with Bamni and finish him and Bamni’s army will finish Puru, so both father and son will be dead.

Puru walks silently. Barsin points sword on him and asks who is he. He pushes her. She sees him and reminisces meeting him as artist. She pulls another sword and fights with him.

Precap: Olympias tells Alexander that Philip came to know that Alexander is Zeus’ son and not his, so he will not make him king. Bamni says he wants to meet the woman for whom Puru is fighting. Puru fights with Barsin and says he does not know defeat. She says let us see.

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