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Piya Albela 12th January 2018

The Episode starts with Naren dividing the room with fire line and says although we will be husband and wife infront of everyone, but we will be separated here and says you and only you is the reason. Pooja says no…Naren. Naina looks at them from outside. Naren takes the drink. Pooja says you will not touch it.

Naren says it is not your right to stop me. Naina smirks. Pooja says atleast leave it for hatred. Naren says when I have loved so much then I will not cheat in hatred. He throws the wine. Pooja sees Naina looking at them. Naren says your time is up Mrs. Pooja Vyas. Naina throws the Pooja’s toys intentionally and then says it seems I came at wrong time. Naren says do you have some work. Naina asks she has decorated the room with so much hardwork and asks what happened? Pooja takes out money from Naren’s pocket and gives to her and says it is nek from her jija ji. She asks her to give toys to orphanage kids so that their relation with strengthen. Naren says it is not needed and says the toys will be here as a memory of betrayal.

In the morning, Pooja tells that she has made all things of Naren’s choice. Naina says you forgot to make Imli ki chutney for your Ram ji. She says she will make. Pooja says she has already made it and shows it. She asks her to show her kalakari in her sasural and serves to Naren as he comes. Naren gives his plate to Naina and says he wants to have paratha made by her.

Harish comes there and says that Swami Maharaj is coming over there and he wants Pooja and Naren to welcome them as a couple, and asks them to go to Satish’s food as first day food shall be brought from her mayka. Naren says we will go. Satish and Rachel choose clothes for Naren. Kusum while taunting Rachel, gives envelope to Satish. Pooja thinks to clear the misunderstanding while going to Dehradun. Naina comes and asks Naren to take her also, and says Satish will be happy to see her also. Rahul makes roti for Dada ji and asks Surbhi what she told to Neelima. She says she told that he went out for work. Dada ji blesses Surbhi when they serve him food. Naina, Pooja and Naren come to Satish’s house. Satish shows the clothes, before Pooja could select, Naren asks Naina to choose. Naina selects yellow dhoti. Naren says even I like the same and says I will wear it. Satish is surprised.
Neelima looks at the chunari and says Harish wants Naren and Pooja to sit in the puja. Neelima says it is good that Pooja shall get more blessings and says don’t know what will happen with her next. Supriya gets angry. Neelima asks her to start searching new bahu for herself.

Satish gives envelope to Naren and asks him to give to Supriya. Naren asks Naina to keep the envelope and asks Anuj to leave his anger, and says now your two sisters are in my house. Anuj says two sisters. Naren says Mama ji will tell you. Pooja hugs Satish. He blesses her. They leave.

In the car, Pooja keeps her hand on Naren’s hand. He brushes off her hand. Naina smiles and talks to Naren. Pooja gets tears in her eyes and thinks she won’t let her come inbetween them.

Naina sings sajna na mujhe. Pooja comes and says your tune is good, but not good this time. Naina looks angrily. Pooja asks her not to show her attitude. Naina asks why did you come? Pooja says I came to warn you and says you have tried to snatch my rights, but whatever you wants can’t happen. Naina says she don’t need to do anything until Naren is with her.

Pooja asks Naren what is going on between Naina and him. Naren asks are you jealous and tells that it is a secret. Pooja looks on with tears in her eyes.

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