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Nimki Mukhiya 13th February 2018 Written Update

Scene 1
Ritu asks Dayya what is in your pocket? Dayya says its video game for Babbu, Ritu takes it and asks Diamond to give it to Mono. Diamond gives it to Mono, he gets happy. Tunee says to Nimki that I want to see your room, Nimki says I want to meet family, take me home. She says to Babbu’s family that I am going, bye, she leaves with Tunee who is still skeptical.

Ram says to Dumri that you people made so much food for Nimki, what if she doesnt eat it? Dumri says she is your daughter. Mauha asks to call Nimki and asks where is she? Mauha takes call and asks Nimki where she is? she says what? okay, fine, she ends call and says Nimki said she will take 2 hours more to come, all get sad. Nimki and Tunee enters house. Ram doesnt see them, Ram says she will be late? it must be because of Tunee. Nimki says boo.. Ram turns and smiles seeing her, Nimki hugs him, Ram gets emotional. Nimki says you knew I was standing behind you? Ram says I saw smile on Mauha and knew. Nimki says she cant control emotions.Mauha says we are not like you, we show emotions. Mauha gets emotional, nimki stops her and asks if she wont hug her? Mauha says you cant hug me? you are not that much queen now, she hugs nimki tightly. Mauha says I have made your favorite dishes, I know you must have eaten in palace but you have to eat everything. Nimki says I am hungry, I will eat.

Scene 2
Nimki comes in kitchen and says to Mauha that you made so much food for me? Mauha says we are no less than your palace, she serves her. Nimki gets sad recalling how she didnt get food in palace. Nimki gets excited seeing so much food, she starts eating too fast and too much. Mauha asks Nimki to eat calmly, dont you get food in your inlaws house? Nimki gets sad and recalls how Mai didnt let her have oily roti. Guests say she must be missing house food, dumri jokes that palace people are poor and they dont give them food. Mono says no they gave us refreshments, Tunee ate so much sweets, Ram says he is like that. Dumri says his father was like that. Mono shows video game and says Diamond gave it. Dumri says Tettar’s family have started respecting us. Dumri asks Nimki why she is sad? Mauha asks Nimki if there is something she is hiding? Nimki says yes. Mauha says tell me what is it. Ram and Tunee comes there and asks what happened? we are with you too. Mauha asks if everything is fine in her inlaws house? you really dont get food there? Nimki says yes. All are shocked. Nimki says they didnt put salt in food,they dont let me eat with salt. Mauha says I didnt put salt in any dish? Nimki says it was so sad with me, my mother in law doesnt let me eat.. she acts like she is joking. Mauha scolds her, all laugh. Tunee is tensed. Mauha and Nimki smiles.

Grandma says to Mai that my husband taught me how to shoot, Mai says you must have shot him first, Grandma says I can shoot you first. Mai asks her to shoot Rekha. Grandma points gun at her, Rekha says no tell me what happened when you were learning shooting. Grandma says once I shot at BDO’s house, all laugh. Servant comes there and jokes about Nimki’s name.Grandma says how dare you bring her up? Mai says we have been fed up with her, get lost now. Mai fumes in anger.

PRECAP- Tunee says Nimki is not liking my thing. Nimki says no there is a difference of quality between your thing and palace things. Tunee says I know reality of palace, dont pretend infront of me. All get tensed hearing that.

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