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Nimki Mukhiya 11th January 2018

Scene 1
Ritu says to Ram that you have heard it right, nobody can say anything to Ram when Tettar is here. Tettar thanks Abhi for bringing out Ram, Ram says how you know? Tettar says Nimki called. Abhi says Nahar can do something again. Nimki says I cant talk to Babbu. Tettar says no we will handle it, I will give 20lacs to Nahar, Ram says but so much money?

Tettar says your respect is our respect. Nimki says Tettar is so good. Ritu shows 20lacs to Abhi. Abhi says is this some game? are you involved with Nahar? Tettar says take this money and give yourself to Nahar, Babbu loves Nimki a lot so he doesnt want any problem. Tettar says we will leave, they leave. Nimki says this is great. Abhi says I will go. He takes money briefcase to give it to Nahar.

Rekha asks Dublo what are you to Tettar? you dont look like blood of this house? he was not giving you money and gave 20lacs for Nimki? Dublo says he is playing a game. Rekha says will Tettar give us this much money? Dublo says Tettar is not of anyone, he is doing all this to get head position, if he can threaten to kill his own son then he can do anything.

Nimki says to Ram that dont worry, Abhi will give money to Nahar and end this. Dumri says Nahar did so wrong. Mauha says its so good that Abhi saved Ram. Dumri says Tettar gave 20lacs how Ram will pay that debt? Nimki says there money is our money, she asks Ram to eat food, Ram says I am not hungry. Nimki says we will not eat if you dont eat. Ram shouts for them to leave and eat.. Nimki says you are shouting at Mauha? what happened? Ram gets emotional and says my respect is destroyed, I have debt of 20lacs on my daughter’s inlaws, its such a big burden.

Nahar says to his goons that Ram can never pay my money, goon says rat ate those papers then how brought new papers? Nahar says I made new papers and instead of Ram’s sign on it, I signed my signature. Abhi comes there and claps.. he says I brought 20lacs. Nahar says how did you get it? Abhi says Tettar gave it for Ram as they are relatives but I am not going to give it to you. Nahar says only you and me know that these papers are fake, not law. Abhi shows recording of Nahar confessing that papers are fake and says these papers are useless now, he tears them and says I am leaving.

Villagers are talking and saying that police took Ram so Ram must have done something. Other villager says Ram must have stole it to marry Nimki in big palace. Mauha hears those taunts too. Nimki comes there and says Abhi would have returned the money. Ram asks to close the window. Mauha says people are taunting and we cant ignore it, Nimki asks what happened? Mauha says you dont care for anything, listen what villagers are saying, they think that Ram stole money to marry you, nothing good is happening from the time you made relation in palace, she is blind in Babbu’s love and doesnt see our pain, you didnt even cry when mom died, you are so selfish that you dont see anyone else’s pain. Nimki says yes I am selfish for my happiness, I am not mother to kill my happiness for others and then do something that will destroy everyone. Mauha says whats the truth? Nimki says our mom wanted to sing in movies but she killed her dreams for baba, she married Ram then we born and she killed her dreams more but then she left us all and ranaway to fulfill her dreams. Mauha is stunned.

PRECAP- Nimki says I dont want to have burden of wishes not fulfilled thats I live for myself, I value my dreams as I dont want to live and die like our mother, she leaves from there. Ram turns and sees Abhi standing outside the room and heard everything.

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