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Mere Sai 13th February 2018 Written Update

Bayaza catches Tatya taking jaggery and scolds him. She says I will go and make Sai have food. Sai gives medicine to villager for his wife. Bayaza asks Tatya to hold his hand and bring him. Tatya brings him to Bayaza.

Bayaza asks him to have food. Sai is about to eat, looks at the man and says his need is more than me. Thief keeps an eye on Sai. Sai gives food to the hungry man who came to get medicine for his daughter. Man says it is your food, how can I take. Sai says everything is of God and gives him food. Bayaza says you worries about everyone except yourself and asks Tatya to bring food from home. Tatya nods ok and asks him not to have jaggery. Sai says jaggery and gets tensed. He asks them to come tomorrow.

Rehana taunts her husband for sitting idle at home. Her husband asks her to give him money and is about to slap her, but stops seeing Bayaza. Sai is talking to villager when he sees thief coming there. He asks what do you need? Thief asks him to give medicine for his mum and says I have to come to you often to get her medicine. Sai asks where is she? Thief says she can’t walk. Sai gives him medicine and asks him to leave. Thief asks about the price of the medicine. Sai says I will ask for price when the treatment is done. Thief thinks now I can come here often. Villagers think Sai never asked someone to leave from Dwarka Maai. Sai says there was no worry in his eyes.

Rehana comes to Bayaza and says she felt it was not right to get advance from her. Bayaza asks what happened? Rehana says my husband has become strange, not doing any work and sleeping always. He asked me to give money, when I refuses, he raised hand on me and took 2 Rs. Aayi says if he started drinking and asks Rehana to take him to Sai. Bayaza says what he do with so much money. Rehana says he goes somewhere. Saleem comes to the thief or drugs seller and buys drugs. Saleem takes drugs and sits there.

Drugs seller asks him to go from there. Someone comes and asks him to increase buyers. Jhipri tells boy that he will be fine. Drug seller comes there and gives him drugs and says your pain will go. Boy eats it. Drugs seller tells that it will make them powerful. He asks them to bring 2 Rs. but settled down at 1 rupee and gives them that tablet. Jhipri refuses to take it and thinks how Bablu’s pain is gone. Sai looks at the sky and then sees owl sitting near him. He says good people never changes even if they are in bad company, and says he won’t let innocent people suffer. He prays and says Om.

Bayaza tells Sai what happen to Salim. Sai says he will meet him.

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