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Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2017

Sarla was preparing for the lunch and sends Janki to wake Preeta and Shrishti. There is a door bell, and Prithvi and mother arrive. Sarla hurries to wake the girls up, Preeta was ready and wakes Shrishti by taking Sameer’s name. When the girls have joined, Prithvi’s mother says there Pandit agreed to the proposal at once but wants them to conduct at least one function. She suggests about roka tomorrow. Sarla agrees. Prithvi was lost in thoughts about last night, he was determined to fill her life with troubles as per Sherlin’s wish. Shrishti brings the tea which spills over Prithvi’s hand. Sarla was apologetic and scolds Shrishti for being careless. Prithvi takes the responsibility for it as he was lost in future planning. Preeta takes him to washroom.

In the washroom, Prithvi thinks the smile at Preeta’s face would soon vanish. He tells Preeta to focus on her wedding preparations now and forget about the rest. Preeta agrees, except for one thing that’s important. Prithvi asks about it, but Preeta says it’s about a patient’s knee problem. Prithvi was sure he will win Preeta’s heart soon, then she will discuss all her plans with him and he will spy them to Sherlin. After they have left, everyone at Preeta’s house congratulate each other. Sarla thinks about calling Luthra’s.
Kareena calls Sherlin and scolds her for not responding to her messages. Sherlin was irritated by her attention seeking personality. Kareena asks her to come to her soon, she wants to know what happened between her and Rishab last night.
Sarla speaks to Rakhi and informs her about Preeta’s Roka. Rakhi was happy and promises to be in the function with her whole family; she suggests they can even speak about Sameer and Shrishti’s proposal there. Preeta had just arrived from behind Rakhi and went upstairs. Sarla tries to speak to Rakhi about postponing the talk about Sameer and Shrishti but Rakhi stops the servant. She takes a leave from Sarla as she has to take care of Dadi’s breakfast. Sarla decides to speak to her tomorrow.
Rishab had climbed the room stairs looking for a file. Preeta comes bring him down as he might get a back strain. She herself gets the file for him. She tells Rishab he was looking for the file restlessly, if he concentrates on positives more than negatives it might bring better results. Rishab thinks about speaking to Preeta about his own wish and stops her. Rakhi comes there with sweet for Preeta and informs them about Preeta’s roka. Karan had come there and spits the sweet hearing the news. Rishab asks Preeta why she is marrying. Karan comments if Preeta has nothing but to marry. Kareena was curt hearing this. Karan tells Preeta he won’t come to Roka. Preeta says she would like it.

PRECAP: Shrishti asks Preeta what if she finds out that Karan loves her in her mandap. Preeta replies she will leave everything and go to him.

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