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Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2018 Written Update

Dadi says that a girl should marry the boy who can do the heavy work of the house. Shristri and Sameer both get confused and look at her, she says to not look at her like this as she is only stating common fact and it is not that she is referring to both of them. they both answer hurriedly that they are not interested in each other, Dadi says that she was not talking about them, Shristhri asks Dadi to stop when suddenly Sarla comes and they all go quiet, she says that she came for the sugar otherwise she will get angry, they all go quiet and then Sameer says that he is going to lift the Wardrobe, Sarla also thanks him.

Sherlin is talking with Prithvi who is asking her to stay calm , then he says to her to not back out as they have achieved so much, then he asks her if she admitted that the necklace was hers to which she asks him t listen and then informs her about all what happened to which she says that she told everything that happened because Karan made a trap for her and she fell for it, Prithvi also gets very angry and says that he is now finished and there is nothing that he can do now and he cannot even run because the Luthra’s have no0w called him and he must come,
They both are talking when Sherlin hears Rishab coming and quickly cancels the phone, he asks to come in and says that he did not want to insult her in front of everyone and asks her if she knew Prithvi before they met and says that he wants the truth and if she lies then he will find it by himself to which she says that she did not and met him only at the Rokha of Prithvi and Preeta to which he also agrees.
Sameer and Shristhri are both in her room and he says that he wants to say something to her to which she stops him and says that she will tie a band on his head and then they both have a romantic moment. After she ties the band he says that he wants to say something but Shristri is not listening and trying to avoid him but he asks her to be quiet and then when he is about to say something suddenly Sarla comes and asks him to drink the tea and then also asks her to not bother him beyond his limit.
Karan comes Preeta as to what happened now that everything is going to be alright to which she says that how can she be alright as now her fiancé will be questioned and everyone said that this relationship will be good for both of them to which he says that after today everyone will know the true face of both Sherlin and Prithvi, Preeta says to him that she cannot be happy to which Karan asks her to look to him and asks if she trusts him and says that this will be good for both of them as she will be free from a weeding that will only give her tears and he will be able to save his friend, Preeta says that no one can deny destiny.
Preeta gets a call from Sarla who says that they got gifts from Prithvi’s mother and they are very good and she thinks that she should go and buy some gifts for them and asks Preeta to tell her the things which she likes as she will go and buy them and she is not able to work in pressure and so must go for shopping then she says to her that she must call her as soon as she remembers and then cut6s the call.
Karan comes and asks Preeta as to what her mother was saying to which she says that it ws nothing, Karan says that he knows she is lying and asks for the truth she says that her mother was going to buy gifts for Prithvi’s family, Karan inquires as to why did she not tell the truth to her mother, Preeta sasys that nothing is certain and she did not want to worry her mother as she sounded very happy. Karan says that no matter as everything will be clear soon as Prithvi’s will be arriving soon and also asks her to come.
All of them are waiting when Mahesh says that why is taking so time for Prithvi to come to which Karan says that he must have got scared and left the town Prithvi is coming and when he arrives Karan welcomes him, Karina asks him as to is he aware as to why is he called here today, Rishab says that he was called here because he some answers to questions which they have, Prithvi says that he only knows that he was called here for some special purpose. Rishab asks him if she has some relation with Sherlin, after which he gets quiet to which Karina asks him if she should repeat the question to which he says that he only got quiet because he was confused as to why did Rishab ask such a weird question

Precap: Prithvi is saying to Preeta that he is fed up of proving himself to her and she should decide once and for all if she wants to marry him, Karan fells aghasted.

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