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Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2018 Written Update

Prithvi arrives at the Luthra house and asks about Preeta. Karan and Rishab discuss Preeta’s name doesn’t suit his mouth. Sameer comes to ask Rishab about Shrishti, Rishab replies Preeta must be here soon. Sameer clarifies he asked about Shrishti not Preeta. Rishab was lost somewhere and leaves.

Preeta reach Luthra house with Sarla and Bee ji. Karan greets Dadi outside. When Sarla and Dadi have left, Preeta warns Karan not to repeat what he did in the morning again. Karan calls Preeta unimportant for him. They begin to argue with each other. Preeta was irritated that Karan didn’t come to point easily, she warns Karan not to keep her phone on loud speaker again. People consider her ill-mannered this way. Karan laughs at Preeta’s behavior. Preeta says he must remain in limits, she might also get something against him one day. Sameer comes outside to call Preeta. Preeta takes him aside to speak to him in isolation.
In the hall, Preeta asks Sameer if he had a fight with Shrishti. Sameer says not at all, but what’s the problem? Preeta discusses with Sameer that Shrishti is behaving weird. Sameer agrees as he also thought she was a little afraid on call last night. Preeta was worried and calls Shrishti but she doesn’t take the call. Sameer convinces Preeta that Shrishti is really strong, maybe it’s their misunderstanding. He suggests Shrishti might be looking for attention. Karan comes to send Sameer inside for Pooja.
During the aarti, the Pandit instructs Kritika about placing her hand over Akshay’s. The flower fell over Kratika’s hand. Sherlin and Prithvi wink towards each other. Kritika and Akshay perform the aarti. Later, Rakhi asks the Pandit to read hands. She sends Rishab first who was reluctant. The Pandit ji asks what Rishab wants to ask? Rishab says he has everything in life; but he wish for something else (looking towards Preeta), would he be able to get it. The Pandit replies he inquired everything in a single question. Karan asks about his victory in the next match; Pandit says he can’t predict the future of country. Karan gets serious and looking towards Prithvi asks if he would succeed in his mission? Pandit was positive. Kratika now brings Preeta forwards. The Pandit ji can sense that her lines are a little complicated. Akshay signals Kratika to bring water for him, but Kratika was much involved with Preeta. Akshay feels Kratika must only hold him important. Kratika feels for Akshay and goes to kitchen. Pandit ji says Preeta will soon get her share of happiness.
Akshay comes to Kritika in the kitchen annoyed that she didn’t given him importance over others. He clutches Kratika’s arm tightly. Kritika was abused and gives him the glass of water. Preeta watched this from the door but Kareena comes there and couldn’t speak anything about it.
Neil and men arrive at Arora house and try and break the window of the house. Janki could hear the sounds and was alert. Inside, Shrishti also hears the clatter. Neil confirms his man if he is sure Shrishti is inside. The man replies he himself saw the whole family leave home but Shrishti didn’t accompany them. There, Shrishti had decided to file a complaint in police and not to be afraid of such goons, nothing can justify their murder. She turns to open the main door but sense someone was inside.

PRECAP: Shrishti goes to Janki’s room where Neil and his goons held Janki at gun point. Later, Sarla finds the door of the house unlocked.

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