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Kasam 15th May 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kritika leaving her job interview for her family. Ranbir tells Akki that the girl loves her a lot and says one sided love is dangerous. Akki asks him to love her then it will be two sided love and culminate into marriage. Ranbir says I am not a marriage material and can’t be of one woman. He sees dupatta or stole in a local shop and smiles. He comes to the Ms. Ghatkoper contest.

Anirudh requests him to make his boss girlfriend win in the competition. Ranbir says age is 55 and heart is of child and says this is cheating, I will go from here. He asks Akki to talk to him. Anirudh asks him to make him understand. Akki says he plays fair games. He tries to convince Ranbir, but he refuses at first, but agrees on his insistence. He asks where is the sponsor’s girl friend? He calls the girl Senorita. She comes and shakes hand with Ranbir.

Ranbir and Akki looks at her. Tanuja comes and asks in reception, from where to get the form. She stands in queue and calls Pummy. Pummy says they will be there in 5 mins and asks her to fill the form and take batch on Ishani’s name. Kritika says ok. Ranbir is waiting in the lobby. Girls come and try to flirt with him. Kritika sees his poster and thinks he is here also as a chief guest. She sees girls talking about him and thinks how can they praise him. She comes to talk to his pic and says they are all blind to see depth in your eyes. She then looks in his eyes and recalls their eye lock. Kritika’s turn comes and she signs on the form as Kritika Kohli. She ties it thinking Ishani will not get entry without it. She is going to make up room and sees girls flirting with Ranbir. She thinks how cheap guy, he started here also. Ranbir sees her and says angry bird is here also. He signs her, but she leaves. Ranbir tells girls that he needs to go now.

Kritika thinks this guy is shameless. Ranbir comes to her and says you are following me since night. Kritika asks what do you think of yourself? Ranbir asks her to accept that she is following him. Kritika gets angry. He calls her angry bird, Ms. Attitude. Kritika says I will not see you also. Ranbir says you want to meet me, you are my ardent fan etc. Kritika says I came here for the competition else wouldn’t have come. Ranbir says you are following me so that you can impress me. Kritika says you are not chief guest, but cheap guest. He calls her Ishani kohli and says your problem is that you talk much. Kritika says your problem is that you don’t listen and says you are free, but I am busy.

Pummy and Ishani are in dressing room. Kritika comes and gives her batch. Pummy asks her to keep cucumber on Ishani’s eyes. Ishani seems to be tensed and asks her what is the thing because of which she will be self confident. Kritika says Maa.

Ranbir asks Kritika, what is the relation which they have between them. Kritika looks at him surprised.

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