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Ishqbaaz 5th December 2017

Shivaye says I have signed the papers. Tej asks what nonsense is this, today you have proved brother is not a brother when it comes to money. Shivaye says I will always remain the same SSO. Anika says I thought you changed. Shivaye says habits change, not the person. Some time before, everyone waits for Shivaye and thinks why did he call famiy meeting. Shwetlana comes and greets Tej. He asks what are you doing here. She asks why should I leave. Pinky says I knew this, she will not leave easily, this is family meeting, leave from here. Shwetlana reminds that she is also part of the family. Shivaye walks in.

Jhanvi asks what is this woman here, why are you silent Shivaye. Shwetlana says its a boring family meeting. Pinky and Jhanvi scold her. Jhanvi asks her to get lost and holds her hand. Shwetlana frees herself and says servant doesn’t ask owner to leave. Jhanvi asks what nonsense. Pinky asks Shivaye to ask Shwetlana to leave. Shwetlana asks Shivaye to say something. Anika and everyone look at him. Shivaye turns away. He says as per the board meeting held this morning at Oberoi industries headquarters, I, Shivaye as the chief signing authority have transferred fifty percent of the shares of Oberoi group held by my brothers Om and Rudra to Ms. Shwetlana Kapoor. They all get shocked. Dadi asks what are you saying. He says Shwetlana holds fifty percent stake in Oberoi industries. They get shocked. Shwetlana smiles. Tej asks are you out of your mind, do you think this is some joke.

Shivaye recalls…. FB shows Shwetlana showing the complete footage to Shivaye. He gets shocked seeing Tej and other elders leaving from the mills. Shakti asks Tej how can you ignite fire in the factory for insurance money, how can you put many lives in risk for greed, you did mistakes till now, but you did a sin today. Shivaye gets shocked. Shwetlana says I told you what will happen if this footage gets leaked, Shakti will give statement against Tej, then there will be a war between Oberois, family, hearts and brothers will get divided. He asks her to tell her price. She says I want Oberois destruction, I m thinking to leak this tape in media. He asks her to say what she wants. She asks can you give it. He asks her to try and see. She asks for fifty percent shares of Oberoi empire. He says done, I will name my shares to your name. She says I know, you can even give life for family, I want the shares from Om and Rudra, sons have to bear the punishment for their dad’s deed. He gets shocked. FB ends.

Tej and Shakti ask Shivaye why did he decide this. Dadi asks him why did he do this. Shivaye says Shwetlana holds fifty percent shares, she has a right on this house too, which means she will stay here. Jhanvi says its your game plan to get rid of her right. He says I have signed the papers. Tej checks the papers. He shouts what nonsense in this. Shwetlana picks the file and says I have a right on this house, I won’t stay in guest room, I want the best room, Tej and Jhanvi’s bedroom should get vacated till evening. She tells Jhanvi that she gets what she wants, Mrs. Oberoi title, share of Jhanvi’s sons and now her bedroom too. She asks Jhanvi to vent out anger on Shivaye. She looks at Shivaye and holds him, saying well done Jeth ji…. She leaves. Anika looks at Shivaye. He looks at everyone and turns away. Dadi asks why did you do this. He says I did what I had to, now these questions doesn’t matter. Tej says we will question you, you will have to answer us, why did you do this. Shivaye says I did what I felt right. Tej argues saying you have Omru’s shares and their future to Shwetlana, I won’t let you do this, yes I couldn’t become a good father, but you were the world’s best brother, why did you do this.

Shivaye says I had to, I was helpless. Tej asks why did you not give your shares, Omru gave you the right to take decisions on their behalf by trusting you, it doesn’t mean you break their trust, today you have proved a brother is not a brother when it comes to money. Shakti asks what are you saying, Shivaye can’t do this, he can give his life for his brothers. Dadi says yes, Omru are Billu’s life, he can’t cheat them. Tej says I also thought so, I never tried to intervene between them, but I should have intervened, at least this cheat with Omru would have not happened. Shakti asks Shivaye to tell the reason, I know there is some big reason. Dadi says sometimes giving an answer is necessary, I completely trust you, you can’t do wrong with them. Shivaye says its matter of business, I can’t explain everyone. Tej says then explain it to me, come on, you don’t have any justification for this act. Pinky asks them do they not know Shivaye, he took all decisions for the family’s good. Tej says no, he did this for himself. Jhanvi asks Shivaye why did he do this in Om’s absence. Pinky says you mean to say Shivaye has sent Om to Germany by a purpose. Tej asks isn’t it obvious. She asks Tej not to blame her son. Rudra says stop it, we all know if Shivaye took any decision, he would have a well thought about it, when the person is right, his decision is right too, I know that my brother is right. They cry.

Rudra hugs him and says I don’t have any problem with your decision. Tej asks Rudra to be quiet, its a result of his devotion. Shakti asks Tej to calm down. Tej says time for talks is over, its time to do something. He goes. Anika says Shivaye….. say something. He asks her not to get in between this. She asks him to say reason once. He shouts on her. She asks why are you shouting this way. He says you know I don’t give an answer to anyone, this is my decision, please accept it and respect it. He leaves. Shwetlana looks on and smiles. She says how does my every plan get so perfect, am I too smart, of course I m, the motive behind demanding for Omru shares, my motive to create a rift in this family got accomplished. She calls someone and says Shivaye has just transferred shares to my name, I want to see it in physical form, do it now.

Shivaye calls someone and says I want all the info about Kalyani mills fire incident, complete CCTV footage, because half information is never correct. He says I still feel Tej can’t do this, I have to find the complete truth. He comes to room and sees Anika crying. He says I m talking to you. He holds her and says you have to talk to me. She says you just shout, you don’t listen to anyone. She says because I m Shivaye. She says you have much ego, you are becoming old SSO, tadibaaz bagad billa, Sweet Singh Oberoi got lost. He says I will always be same SSO. Anika says I thought you changed. Shivaye says habits may change, not the person. She says fine, if you are the old SSO, I will be the former Anika. He says I m warning you, you will see me such in coming days, me and my decisions may seem wrong to you, don’t try to correct me, I won’t listen to anyone. She says okay, do anything you want, I know you won’t listen to me. She runs away. He gets angry.

Shivaye hits someone by his car. He goes to check the lady and says you……

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