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Ishqbaaz 24th November 2017

Anika says no power can separate you three. Shivaye says Omru are my life, I will end anyone who comes between us. Om says it doesn’t matter what anyone does, we were, are and will…. Shivaye says we will always be together, one for all, all for one. Rudra joins them. Some time before, Abhay and Shivaye argue. Shivaye says I investigated this matter, Shukla said our family is not involved in this. Abhay says who’s Shukla, he is their manager, he may lie. Shivaye says you are lying, I know people like you, you want to blackmail us and get money.

Abhay smiles and says you think I m doing this for money, its not your mistake, you guys didn’t see your parents’ real face, so you all trust them, the day Kalyani mills secret comes out, your trust and family will break, its said children have to pay for parents’ mistakes, now you have to bear the punishment. Anika says don’t know why you are doing this, get the proof if you are saying true. Abhay asks what if I get the proof, I have the tape which proves this blame is true. Shivaye asks him to get it. They all discuss. Pinky says if he is saying truth, Tej has done this. Tej says you are doubting on me. She says I never trusted you. Jhanvi says stop it, he didn’t ignite fire if he said so. Shakti says stop it, if this a time to fight. Abhay plays the tape. Shivaye asks is this your proof, you were putting allegations on my family on the basis of this blank tape. Om says shouting doesn’t make any lie true. Rudra says its proved you are a liar and stupid too.

Abhay thinks why is the tape not playing. He gets Shwetlana’s call. She asks what happened, did you get the truth out, you forgot the way to your destination goes via me. She recalls swapping the tape as she can’t trust him. Abhay turns to everyone. Om asks him to get lost. Shivaye says we are not calling police. Rudra says we will forget you are an Oberoi, if you try to trouble us. Abhay says your fate is very good, but truth doesn’t need any proof, the day truth comes out, you all won’t be able to talk. Rudra asks him to leave. Om says none can separate us. Abhay curses them. Shivaye asks him to get out. Abhay says truth will not get quiet. ShivOmRu push him out, just like Tej and Shakti made Vishal out. Abhay falls and gets hurt. Anika, Gauri stop them. Anika asks Abhay to leave. Abhay says I will return with proof, remember you will have to pay for the elders’ crimes, you will never be happy, this family will break and shatter. He goes. Dadi recalls Abhay’s words and gets sad.

Shivaye recalls Abhay’s words. Anika thinks Shivaye is very worried, I should make his mood fine. She asks where is your phone. He says its here. She asks him to throw it, then his anger will cool down. He throws his phone in the pool. She asks how do you feel now. He says better. She says don’t pay attention to such things. He says I can’t ignore this. She says we should not worry for such lies. He says he challenged that we three brothers will get separated. She says no power in the world can separate you all. He says they are not just my brothers, but my life, I will end anyone who comes in between us.

Pinky says that boy was confident. Shakti says I m thinking the same. Pinky says we have burnt the proof. Tej says I have burnt all the tapes, if he had something, he would have got it, he played blank tape. Shakti says he will come back. Pinky says we will be gone if he gets proof. Tej says our children trust us, I m sure they won’t come in Abhay’s words.

Anika says I got a sprain. Shivaye says now I understand, how you got this sprain. He signs her. He holds her close and says you are delicate. She says you are handsome, but a villain from heart. He asks do you have sprain anywhere else too, you are shy. She says it happened because of paint. He says it means I can’t do anything. She says I think so. He says I have to prove it, SSO doesn’t need paint. He puts her on bed and gets close. She asks did you go mad. He says mad for you. He kisses her.

Om asks why are you so angry. Rudra says how dare he says nonsense about us, he challenged our bond. Om says relax, it doesn’t matter, we were united, we are and … Shivaye says will always be… no one can separate or break us, because one for all… Om and Rudra join hands and says all for one. Dadi, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya come. Dadi says the love you three have, I wish elders also have this, Tej, Shakti and Vishal should have been together. Anika asks why are you worried. Dadi says my heart has a burden, this family has done bad with Abhay and his family.

Rudra says you are taking his side. Dadi says if any part of the body has pain, its not cut off and thrown, Abhay is part of the family, he is annoyed, I raised Vishal, when the matter was about Kalyani mills, I supported my sons, I have seen all that silently, Tej and Shakti made Vishal out of house and business, I knew Vishal was a noble and honest man, then I didn’t find out how Vishal and his family survived, I regret even today, I did a big mistake, I want to rectify this, this can happen if you three support me. Shivaye asks her to say what can they do. Om says if we can lessen your burden, we are ready to do it. Dadi says I want to get Abhay back and get him his rights, I want to lessen his bitterness. Shivaye says don’t worry, I will get Abhay back, I promise, he will get everything. Dadi hugs him and says I was sure my grandsons can never disappoint me.

Abhay packs bag and says I m going now, but I will come back. Shivaye comes and asks won’t you ask me to come in. Abhay asks him to come. Shivaye asks are you doing somewhere. Abhay says away from this city. Shivaye says I understand your pain and hatred, I m sorry, we reacted and made you out of the house. Abhay says its okay, person doesn’t think anything when its about family, I m fighting for my family and you are fighting for yours. Shivaye says our family is no different, elders told me a truth, I feel you know another truth, I came to know it, tell me if you have any proof. Abhay says I have no proof, no tape or truth, my anger just vented out, I had to make you realize, you three have a fourth brother, who didn’t get scolding or love, I have always lived alone. Shivaye says we all are with you, forget everything, come home, our home. Abhay says I can’t do this, its not just about me, I m married now. Shivaye says its good thing, get your wife, don’t take stress, the respect Anika and Gauri get in Oberoi mansion, your wife will get the same, whatever happened with Vishal, I want to make it right. He takes Abhay’s bag. Abhay thinks I also wanted this. Shivaye goes. Abhay smiles.

Tej shouts on Abhay. Shivaye says I got Abhay home. Tej asks do you know what you did. Dadi says whatever Billu did, he did so on my saying.

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