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Ishqbaaz 21st November 2017

Shivaye drinks the juice. He feels unwell. Anika makes him sit. He sits on remote. Some bhajan plays. They put off the fire in the room and sit sad. Some time before, Om wakes up Rudra and asks him to come for planning. Rudra gets up. Om says we would have gone jail by that tiger order. Rudra says I was planning in sleep. They argue. Gauri and Bhavya come. Gauri says we will plan.

Anika comes to her room and says Chanda said, anyone’s mood will get romantic seeing this DVD, Shivaye and I will see this tonight. Gauri says our desi formula will be useful now, love herb will get Shivaye and Anika closer. Om says wait, how do you know about this. Gauri says everyone knows this. They say we don’t know this. Gauri says everyone knows this in Bareilly, there are ad posters of such love herbs, you know when honeymoon couples go out, they take this love herb. Bhavya asks what’s connection with this matter. Anika says if Shivaye sees the cover, he won’t watch the DVD, he doesn’t know my plan. She gets shy.

Dadi asks Pinky about bhajan DVD. Pinky says Shivaye would have ordered it if you said, I will get it from his room. Dadi says I will get it. Gauri says I will make orange juice for Shivaye. Rudra says he just has black coffee. She says he doesn’t refuse to me, I will add love herb in it and then the herb will do its work. Dadi comes to Shivaye’s room and calls him out. She looks for the DVD. She gets the DVD and says Billu got it. She leaves. Bhajan DVD is kept behind.

Gauri is in kitchen. She makes the juice. She asks maid to throw bad oranges. Om asks is the special juice ready. She says yes. He stops her and says sorry, it got awkward yesterday, I want to tell you about my past. She says it doesn’t matter, I know you and its enough for me. He says I m very lucky and hugs her. She says we are in kitchen. He says you are my wife. Pinky comes and smiles seeing them. Gauri says I was making juice for Shivaye. She goes. Rudra calls Om. Om goes. Pinky says they are married and still they are so shy, how sweet. Maid looks for bad oranges. She says maybe madam has dumped it. Gauri comes back and gets the juice. She prays that her plan works.

Shivaye gets surprised seeing the decorated room. Anika comes wearing his gifted dress. Music plays….. He says wow…. you did all this. She says no, halwai, what do you think just you can give surprise. He asks are you ready. She says wait, I forgot, orange juice for you, Gauri gave it to me. He says I have coffee at night. She asks him to have it. He drinks. She says there is a surprise for you. He asks her to say what is it. She says picture. He says you want us to go out for a movie. She says no, we will see it here, its special picture. He asks what do you mean. She says you would have never seen such a picture. He asks what. She says such one. He asks like that, okay. She plays the DVD.

Shivaye gives her roses. She asks how do I look. He starts feeling unwell. She asks is everything fine. He rushes to vomit. She asks what happened. She worries hearing him. Gauri thinks Shivaye would have drank the juice till now, the love herb will start effect. Shivaye sits on remote. They see some bhajan. Gauri hears bhajan sound. She says bhajan sound at this time, I shouldn’t disturb them. Shivaye sees Anika. He asks were we going to see this picture.

Om touches Gauri. She turns to him. She asks what are you doing here. He asks her to call him just Om. She asks what happened to you suddenly. He does shayari and kisses her hand. He eats the cake. He says since I had this cake, I got some passion in my body. She thinks. Pinky made the juice fall over the cake by mistake and makes juice for Shivaye by using the bad oranges. Shivaye rests in Anika’s lap. She apologizes. She says I just wanted to surprise you. He says I tried to surprise you and tiger came instead, and this happened when you tried to surprise me. Dadi says Billu never forgets to get new bhajan DVD for me. She gets shocked seeing the movie and turns away. Gauri says I think you had the love herb. Om sings. He lifts Gauri in arms and takes her. She asks him to listen. He falls asleep.

Anika says don’t know why this happens with me. Shivaye says its because of our deeds, we had fights before and didn’t live in the moment. He gets stomach ache. She plays some song. Dil ke armaan…..plays…… he says this song is just perfect for our situation. She says leave it, I will play some dhinchak song. Remote doesn’t work. She throws remote aside. The candles fall down. She asks him to rest. She asks Shivaye if he is getting some smell like something is burning. She says my desires. She shouts fire. They get shocked seeing fire. He gets extinguisher and puts off the fire. They sit sad.

Gauri says we should go soon. Shivaye asks where. Gauri says exhibition. Rudra says I m going office. Anika says there is no one at home, everyone went for picnic. Shivaye says it means there is no one at home.

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