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Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th March 2018 Written Update

Scene 1
Arohi calls Chawani and says Deep is going to Khani. She knows everything about jail. She knows what happened to me.
Deep calls in jail. Inspector says she is dead. Khani was with her. Deep takes Khani’s address. arohi is scared. DEep says to Arohi till morning everything will be clear between us. THere will be no hidden truths.

Deep hugs Arohi and says till evening we will know each other better. Arohi says in heart I have to stop deep from finding Khani.
Deep is leaving. Roma stops him and says where are you going? He says for work. Roma says Virat is in jail is there something more important? Deep says inspector said no to his bail. I have sent application in court. Roma says if you can’t get him out till evening I will do that. Deep says I will do everything.
Roma calls home minister. Arohi takes the phone. She says deep doesn’t care about Virat. He should do all this not you. Roma says where is he? Arohi says I don’t know he is going for his personal work.

Scene 2
Deep comes to Virat. He says see who is here. DEep says I am trying my best. Virat says you did all this why would you let me out.
Arohi comes outside Khani’s house. She calls Chawani.
Deep says trust me. He says I can only trust you if you get me out. Deep says I will do my best.

Arohi and Chawani are outside Kahni’s house. Deep comes there as well.
Arohi knocks but hides. Deep is inside. He comes out with Khani and says who kncocked? She says must be kids. Deep and Khani go back in.

Arohi says I saw deep’s foot print on the door. CHawani says what will happen now? Arohi says Khani knows everything about me. I don’t know what is she telling Deep.
Deep asks Khani there was a girl with you in jail Arohi. What happened to her? He gives her a lot of money. Khani says she was so scared in beginning. she was locked in dark room but came out of there as well. She became so strong. Once a minister tried to use her. She ran from his house and blackmailed him. Deep says that means she ran from jail. Arohi hears it.

Precap-Deep says to Roma I will give you a news that will explain everything that’s happening with our family.

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