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Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd August 2017

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Parth sat in the room, worried about Teni’s behavior. Shorvari comes in and speaks to him about her henna, and nostalgia of their own wedding. She notices Parth was lost. Parth thinks he can’t let Shorvari know about anything and sort the matters out. He shares with Shorvari that a lot is changing in Teni’s life, how she would handle everything; their child, her marriage and moving to a new place. Shorvari assures Parth Teni would soon fall in love and get over her nervousness.
Sejal wonders whom in Rishab busy with and isn’t attending her call. She comes outside Jagruti’s room. Mohini brings her a glass to hear clearly, she hears Jagruti’s laughter. She was curt, determined not to let Jagruti snatch Rishab from her.
In the room, Aman thinks about Teni and her behavior. He comes to Teni’s room. She poses to be asleep. Aman speaks to her that he understands her nervousness, he promises to always keep her happy. When he has left, Teni thinks she never wants to hurt Aman. Parth couldn’t sleep at night, he wonders what if Teni takes a false step and thinks about speaking to her. He comes outside and knocks at Teni’s door, she wasn’t in her room. He wonders where Teni can be so late at night and calls her cell phone which goes unanswered. He gets her sms and hurries outside.
In the hall downstairs, Teni was sitting over decoration staircase. Parth comes to her and asks what is this all. What if she fell down? Teni asks if he is still worried about his child, doesn’t he care about Teni. Parth angrily says he cares about both, but she is only thinking about herself. If she is drinking even knowing it’s bad for her. Teni tells Parth she didn’t have a single drop, she cares for the child more than he does. Parth gives his hand to come down. Teni asks if she must hold his hand only so that he can walk away again. Parth angrily tells Teni he read the letter, what he must have done; to tell her how wrong was she or he must have gone to Shorvari so that she hates her all her life. He was only giving her time to show his care doesn’t mean love. He didn’t want Teni to feel guilty, but she was only stubborn. Teni cries saying he must have slapped her hard if he didn’t understand, he knows well she can’t hold something in her heart. She never fall in love, and now she fall for him. It wasn’t a thoughtful decision, she dreamt and worked for it; she always wanted to go to America. Parth was never in all the planning, but she fall in love with him. Teni asks him to think in her place. Parth wonders what was his mistake that she took such false meaning of his care. Teni says only Parth understood the Teni no one wanted to understand, that was his mistake. She cries. Parth asks if she feels light now. Teni says yes, she feels lighter now. He hugs her. Shorvari watches them.

PRECAP: Shorvari asks Parth and Teni which relation are they talking about. Mohini breaks to everyone that Teni is five and a half months pregnant.

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