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Dance Plus 3

Dance Plus 3 is a Dance Competition Show which air on Star Plus. The Season 3 of Dance Plus is started on 1st July 2017. Dance Plus Season 3 is produced by Urban Brew Studios. Dance + Season 3 is a dance reality show on Star Plus. This time, Remo D’Souza has taken the show to ‘one level up’ as contestants will have to face his special squad. Raghav Juyal will be the host while Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Sir and Puneet Pathak will be the captains. Watch all the latest episodes of Dance Plus 3 only on Hotstar.

Recently Govinda visited Dance Plus 3 and according to the sources, he kept asking for retakes until he was satisfied by the shot. “Govinda first sat down with judge Remo D’Souza and host Raghav to understand the whole concept of the show. Once he learnt about the tricks Raghav does on stage, almost impromptu, Govinda cheered up and wanted no script further. He discussed his scenes with Raghav before the take and ensured the comic timing between the two remains exact and real. He even gave two-three retakes for every act/ gag/ performance he did on stage to ensure it came out perfectly on the screen.”


There are three mentors on the show

  • Dharmesh Yelande
  • Shakti Mohan
  • Punit Pathak

Top 12 artists

Sr. Artists Type Style Home Town
1 Tarun and Shivani Duo Contemporary Tarun Nihalani from Nashik
Shivani Patel from Ahmedabad
2 Amardeep Singh Natt Solo Robotics Mumbai
3 Aryan Patra Solo Hip-Hop Ranchi
4 Tuttix Crew Group Tutting Mumbai
Team Shakti
Sr. Artists Type Style Home Town
1 Nostalgia Trio (Gavin, Nicky, Leo) Rhythmic Beat Kill Mangalore
2 Sri Rama Nataka Niketan Group Bharatanatyam Hyderabad
3 Chow En Lai Phukan Solo Contemporary Guwahati
4 Jeet Das Solo Bollywood Kolkata
Team Punit
Sr. Artists Type Style Home Town
1 Bir Radha Sherpa Solo B-boying and Contemporary Silchar, Assam
2 House of Suraj Group Waacking Los Angeles
3 AVP Crew Trio Hip-Hop Mumbai
4 Ayush & Mukesh Duo Contemporary Kolkata

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