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Bepannah 28th August 2018 Written Update

Aditya keeps talking while cooking. Sometimes better than best turns out to be the one we least expect to. Roshana agrees. Make your Biryani. We are eager to taste it. Wasim says all of us are. Noor hopes Aditya wins the competition. Appi will be really impressed. Zoya gives Aditya and Arshad a towel each. Arjun looks at the watch as both the boys continue cooking. Aditya and Arshad keep looking at each other.

Everyone smells both the Biryani’s as they are done. Aditya has written a Z on the top of his Biryani using the veggies. Wasim looks on unhappily. Arjun is tempted. Noor compliments Aditya’s Biryani’s presentation. Arshad looks at Aditya and Zoya’s smiling faces. Roshana says the fragrance is amazing but who will be the judge here. Wasim nominates Zoya’s name. She will choose out of the two – Arshad or Aditya! Zoya tastes Aditya’s BIryani and is impressed. Seeing the sad look on Arshad’s face she goes quiet. She tastes his Biryani and is equally impressed. It is very difficult to choose now. She tells Aditya that his Biryani had everything. It should be in some 5 star Hotel. It is so delicious! She turns to Arshad. Your Biryani was simple, something we can eat daily. You are the winner today! Aditya, Noor and Arjun are disappointed but Aditya still claps for Arshad with everyone else. Arshad thanks Zoya. I wasn’t expecting this. Zoya notices Aditya’s sad face. Did you feel bad? He says you were honest. I like it when you are honest. She nods. Your Biryani is very amazing. It is apt to be served to some King.

Everyone is having kheer. Wasim feeds kheer to Zoya. She reminds him that they asked for time. What’s the rush? Wasim says we have to worry about the kids after all. Arshad’s father seconds Zoya. Let the kids come to a decision on their own. Zoya excuses herself. Arshad thanks Zoya for choosing his Biryani. I have no idea about your likes or dislikes or your hobbies. I do not know much about you. Noor says you will be shocked to see her talents / hobbies. Her pottery is so abstract that sometimes she herself forgets what she has made. Zoya covers up saying that Noor likes to joke. I don’t get time for interests and hobbies anymore. Wasim points out that she sings really well. Zoya is hesitant but everyone requests her. Aditya also asks her to sing her favourite song as everyone is requesting so much. She agrees to sing on the condition if he will sing with her. He replies that he is always with her. Wasim makes an unhappy face. Zoya starts singing Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zarurat Hai. Both Aditya and Arshad are looking at her. Aditya continues the rest of the song. He thinks of them together.

Arshad’s mother compliments the song. Why don’t you dance? Wasim nods instantly. Arshad too extends his hand towards Zoya. She dances with him reluctantly. Aditya continues singing and looks away seeing Arshad’s hand around Zoya’s waist. Roshana looks on. Everyone claps as the song comes to an end. Zoya praises Aditya on his singing while he compliments her on the dance. She serves kheer to everyone.

Arjun says this wasn’t the plan. You make the Biryani and he wins. You sing while he dances with Zoya! I think it is time to activate the original plan. Aditya agrees. It is time!

Arshad again tells Zoya he cannot believe his simple Biryani won. She asks him if he cannot believe it. He says now I have started to believe it. I have also started to think about the future. I will cook this for you every Sunday. She requests him not to pressurize her. Fog covers his glasses. She tells him that he looks good without glasses too. He thanks her. Arjun and Noor are peeking at them. She gets an idea on which he gets tensed.

Aditya calls Arshad for an emergency case. Arshad is confused as the call came from a mobile but Aditya cooks up a story. Arshad excuses himself. Noor shows thumbs up to Arjun. Zoya too has to take Biryani to somewhere. Roshana sends her with Arshad. Arjun sends Noor after them.

Wasim looks pointedly at Aditya as soon as he steps out of a room.

Precap: There are riots going on. Zoya keeps shouting for Arshad. Aditya comes running there. She hugs him but then worries for Arshad. Did you see him anywhere? Will he be fine? She runs to look for him.

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