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Bepannaah 27th August 2018 Written Update

Aditya thinks about Zoya and recalls her. Arjun tells him to wait for Zoya and not to be in hurry to be with her. Wasim sings for Zoya’s ami, and dances with her. Noor and Zoya reaches there. They all sing for Zoya’s mom. They laugh and hug each other. Ami tells that she is feelings as if she is in masoorie. Arshad and his family come to Siddique’s. Wasim greets Arshad. Aditya and Arjun also arrive, Aditya gives wasim a gift. He does not take it and tells Zoya to gift it to the NGO. Aditya gets disappointed. Anjana searches for the phone in Aditya’s room but she does not find it. As she is about to check the laptop bag , Harsh calls her. Aditya goes in the kitchen to help Zoya and her mom. He tells them that he knows to cook. Aditya tells zoya’s mom that he wants a wife exactly like her. Zoya tells him to stop flirting with her mom. She tells that if Wasim comes he will shout at him. Aditya tells her to stop threatening him by Wasim’s name.

Aditya says that he is not scared of him. Wasim comes, he says who is not scared of whom. Zoya tells that Aditya is saying he is not scared of anyone. Wasim says that he will be cooking today. Aditya tells that he knows to make biryani. Wasim asks Arjun of he had Aditya’s biryani. Arjun is in a shock. Wasim asks if the biryani is not good. Arjun says that Bhai makes best biryani. Arshad comes there he tells Wasim even he knows to cook well. Wasim tells that there should be a competition between Aditya and Arshad. Aditya accepts the challenge. Noor goes to her room and thinks that Zoya is in the bath room, she tells her to make Aditya win. Arshad comes from the washroom. Noor ignores him and goes. He thinks that he has to make the whole family accept him. Aditya and Arshad starts cooking. Wasim tells Aditya that he should give up as Arshad has almost completed.

Precap : Aditya is stressed as he cooked the biryani. Zoya tastes the biryani.

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