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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th May 2018 Written Update

Anjana slaps Sahil asking if he isn’t ashamed of his relation with Nidhi. Sahil wasn’t ready to accept any relation with Nidhi. Nidhi requests Sahil not to say this, whats wrong if they ever slept together as they are spouse. She says Sahil was drunk that night and considered her as Vaidika then. Sahil forces Nidhi to speak the truth. Nidhi asks him to be as mature as to accept his mistake; this child is a symbol of their love.

Sahil wasn’t ready to accept he ever loved Nidhi, he can’t think about anyone except Vaidika and leaves the house. Nidhi runs into the room. Her mother asks whose child is this. Nidhi shouts that Sahil Agarwal is the father to this child. Deepak comes there whistling, he asks if her mother is also involved? He appreciates Nidhi’s shamelessness that she is still here. Nidhi warns him to do what he is meant to. Deepak says he has to look into every matter in the house. Sahil was speaking what’s truth, and calls Nidhi as a liar.
Aarya rejects Mohid’s offer of party. He thinks about his lust for the expensive car, and agrees to Aarya’s view. He promises he would keep the next get together at day time here so that Aarya can also participate.
Sahil was frustrated sitting on the stairs of yard. Vaidika come home worried why he called her home. Sahil hugs Vaidika and says Nidhi is pregnant and claims it’s his child. This isn’t possible, he never touched her. Vaidika asks Sahil to think again, why would she lie? She asks him to think again, may be if he… Sahil requests Vaidika to trust him. Nidhi comes there and claps calling them shameless. Nidhi asks Vaidika if she can’t stop Sahil from shouting at her and blaming her again. Vaidika convinces Sahil that they can’t even accept Nidhi is lying. Sahil asks how they would prove Nidhi is telling the truth. Vaidika suggests about DNA testing. Sahil was reluctant and says he already knows about the test report. Nidhi thinks she will decide the test report. Vaidika asks Nidhi if she has a problem with the test. Sahil turns to go for the test. Anjana and other ladies come there. Anjana wasn’t ready to let Sahil conduct the test and reject his wife. Nidhi’s mother blames Sahil for keeping two wives and then suspect her daughter. Sahil says he has a single wife, Vaidika. Nidhi forced herself into his life. Vaidika says there isn’t any wrong in getting the DNA test, it would be better for everyone. Anjana asks what if Sahil is proven Nidhi’s father. Vaidika promises from Sahil’s side that he would return to Agarwal house and bear the responsibility of Nidhi’s child. Sahil asks for Anjana’s promise that he will divorce Nidhi if the test is negative, they will make Bari Amma up for it. Anjana agrees. Anjana conditions doctor would come home for the test, she doesn’t want any disgrace for the family.
Inside, Nani asks Vaidika why she interfere with the matters of Agarwal. Nani says after all Sahil and Nidhi are young, he might have slipped some night. She doesn’t like Nidhi at all but she claimed being with Sahil the night she fall of the stairs. Vaidika tells her mother that she trusts Sahil and there is nothing wrong about DNA test. Nani was worried if Vaidika fell in love with Sahil she will get a heartbreak.
At Agarwal house, Nidhi was crying. Her mother asks the doctor to take the test. Nidhi thinks this doctor is her father’s friend and would only give the report they wish for.
Vaidika was praying for Sahil that he is a good man, and won’t hurt anyone deliberately. Yash had arrived at the door and thinks no one is so concerned merely in friendship. If she loves Sahil?
Sahil stops Nidhi from moving on and asks if she thought he would get the test from her bribed doctor? He asks the doctor how much she paid to reporting the DNA test as positive. He says he has called the family doctor and sends the lady doctor away.
Vaidika was shocked to see Yash standing at the door and invites him inside. Yash says he had to reach office since his advisor didn’t come. He speaks to Vaidika about an urgent work and asks for her opinion about some designs. Vaidika doesn’t understand. Yash decides to do it later, she seems worried. Yash suggests Vaidika to attack if she has to win. Wars aren’t won only by thinking, she must jump into the problem to win over.
Nidhi was in the room speaking to someone on phone. Nidhi says everyone is waiting for the report, and what if the reports prove Sahil isn’t the father of her child. She was drunk that day and warned him to be careful, she couldn’t be pregnant with his child. She warns him not to be close to her again. Sahil stood at the door.

PRECAP: Vaidika reads the reports that chances of Sahil being father of the child are 98.2%. Women from NGO come to Sahil forcing him not to leave Nidhi and his child unattended. Vaidika says Sahil must take the responsibility of the child as he is the father.

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