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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 13th February 2018 Written Update

Vaidika comes to the room and cries about the disgrace by ladies in the party. She thinks it’s good for Sahil to leave her house. Sahil is a good hearted guy, she is thankful for him to always stand with her.

At home, Sahil was watching Vaidika’s photos in his cell phone and wish he was a fly or mosquito. At least he could have wandered in her room. Nidhi comes to his room and asks him to open his gifts. He opens Vaidika’s gift, it was a board with the message to get something is can’t live without. Nidhi calls the gift as inexpensive and common and shows him her designer watch she bought for him.
The next morning, Aarya tells Sahil about everything the ladies said to Vaidika. She tells him to scold every lady who teased Vaidika. Vaidika cried whole night. Sahil sends Aarya to school and says he couldn’t sleep whole night in his house, and sleeps so well in her house each night. He hears Nani speaking to Gautham and complaining what happened last night at Sahil’s house. Gautham taunts if that Sahil didn’t say anything to the guests; he says Sahil is immature and no one would have listened to him. Sahil leaves. Gautham promises Nani to stay with Vaidika from now on. He speaks to Nani after much hesitation about marrying Vaidika. Nani was shocked, then cheers up and kisses Gautham’s forehead. She brings him some sweet and advices him to propose her today.
In the school, Vaidika sat in the staffroom lost with some thoughts. Someone comes to the staffroom to meet her. She questions why he came here, this is school. Sahil says she had forbidden him to come to her home, not school. He says he will make everything better now; calms himself down and keeps a hand over the button that turned on each microphone of the school. He says I love you. Vaidika was worried about mic. Sahil says even the universe wants them to be together as one. Gautham had come to school with a bouquet but leaves. The teachers had gathered in the staffroom and calls the security to send him out of the school. Vaidika stops the security personnel and drags Sahil outside the school by herself and slaps him hard on face. She questions if he isn’t ashamed of even thinking about it, she is eighteen years older than him. Sahil says he loves her dearly, loves her smile, her anger, her cry and everything about her. He is helpless about this love. He was always selfish about himself was moved by her love. He only cares what Vaidika thinks about it. Vaidika says she is angry about her own self. Sahil says she is only concerned about the world. Vaidika interrupts Sahil and says his craziness means nothing to him. She has no importance of his feelings in her life. Sahil says she is running away from her feelings. Vaidika asks if she is responsible for all the misunderstandings. If he wants to prove what the ladies at party blamed her for? She joins her hands to Sahil and requests him to go away from her. She wants to save a little of her self-respect, ego and pride; else she even might be unable to face herself. Sahil was devastated while Vaidika walks into the school again.
Later, Vaidika walks back to school and notices the nearby men staring at her; the taunts of ladies haunting her. She hurries into her house and cries under an open shower in the washroom.
Karan tells Sahil he already warned Sahil about such circumstances. Sahil isn’t any special person in this world to do all this, he must move on in his life. Sahil says he can’t let go of his love so easily.

PRECAP: Aarya tells Sahil on phone that Vaidika is marrying Gautham. Sahil arrives at Vaidika’s house and beats Panday who accuses Vaidika. Sahil was facing Vaidika’s tonga, she jumps off it and runs screaming his name as an iron rod was being carried towards him on a lorry. Sahil was hit on head by the rod, then slips over a stone with his stomach being badly injured.

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